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Monster Energy Supercross World Finals is a well-known motorcycle racing event which involves motorcycling in an off-the-road manner, on artificial dirt tracks comprising of obstacles and high jumps.  Supercross contests that feature professional racing are mostly held in professional football or baseball stadiums owing to their race-friendly circuits. Motorbike racing fans around the globe are all set to watch as the racing tour makes its way through the circuit starting with Anaheim in California, in January. The tour plans to take the racing contest to further locations including Arlington and Atlanta.  The Supercross championship normally starts in late December and goes on until May, during which time it carries out several rounds that cover various classes across the complete circuit, which is then followed by the anticipated World Championship Finals. The 2011 season, was considered by many fans to be the best so far, which has further popularized Monster Energy Supercross World Finals tickets.  

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About Monster Energy Supercross World Finals

The kind of motorcycling sports seen in Monster Energy Supercross World Finals, evolved when the some of the earliest bikes were made available to the general public within the USA. Until World War 1, the motorbike market in the US was mainly dominated by Indian makes, bringing twenty thousand bikes a year. Manufacturers from the likes of DKW and Harley-Davidson eventually began taking over the market around the 1920s and 1930s. At the end of World War II, BSA Group, German-run NSU, Moto Guzzi and similar manufacturers gained recognition as the biggest manufacturers till the end of 1950s. After this time, two-stroke bikes, became very popular through the 1960s and 1990s, which in part is because of Walter Kaaden’s design created in 1950s.
The term Supercross in Monster Energy Supercross World Finals, was created as the name of the event for the very first motocross race, which was held in the USA in a stadium. Then in 1972, Michael Goodwin, a racing promoter, presented what he referred to as the Super Bowl of Motocross, in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The event was won by sixteen year old Marty Tripes.  The popularity of the Supercross event has been growing since the 1970s, so that in the USA today, Supercross races are the most popular of motorsport forms after NASCAR racing.
The awards given at Monster Energy Supercross World Finals include three Championship Champs every year namely, Supercross Champion, Supercross Lites East Champion and the Supercross Lites West Champion. Supercross World champions are also named by other well-reputed racing organizations around the globe.  Present day Supercross races are governed and sanctioned by motorcycle associations, with the primary series either arranged under American Motorcyclist Association, or the Monster Energy series in which Supercross Championship events are partially controlled by Clear Channel, who expertise contribution in 2004, made it possible to film on-track.  
Some of the famous champions of Monster Energy Supercross World Finals event are Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, and Heath Voss. Get some cheap Monster Energy Supercross World Finals tickets and enjoy the thrilling race.

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