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One of the most spectacular sports events is ready to come your way with exciting stunts and breathtaking performances. You guessed it! Freestyle Motocross is on its way, with a show to remember! Freestyle Motocross, commonly referred to as FMX, is the newer version of the game called motocross, where motorcyclists perform different stunts and jumps in an effort to impress the audience and the judges.

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Freestyle Motocross

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Kicker Arenacross and Freestyle Motocross Times Union Center Albany Saturday
11/18/2017 7:30 PM

About Freestyle Motocross

There are two main kinds of freestyle performances. The first is called Big Air. In this event, each contestant is given two chances to jump from a ramp which is covered with dirt. The jump usually covers over sixty feet (eighteen meters). A board of judges assesses their jumps, including the originality of the jump, the style, and the difficulty of the trick. The judges then give them points on a scale of a hundred points. The top single-jump points of all riders are compared. The one with the highest points gains victory. The second type of performance is called Freestyle Motocross. In this event, the motorcyclists are required to go through two acts, which last between ninety seconds and fourteen minutes. This routine is performed on a course which is made up of different jumps of several angles and lengths which take up 1 to 2 acres. Like the former event, a board of judges gives each player points on a hundred-point scale, evaluating their style, difficulty of tasks, and the originality of the tricks.

Some of the events in Freestyle motocross include the X-Games, Red Bull X-Fighters, Gravity Games. NIGHT of the JUMPs, Big-X, Dew Action Sports Tour and Moto-X Freestyle National Championship. The original freestyle motocross event is the Freeriding event. It is usually performed on a public area and does not comprise of any structure. Contestants try to find natural drop-offs and jumps to show their performance on. Contestants even use sand dunes for jumps sometimes. In a sense, this style of riding demands more mental ability and skill. Some important locations where freeriding events are taken place are Glamis Dunes and Ocotillo Wells in California, Cainville in Utah, and Beaumont in Texas.

The most difficult trick that the riders perform is called the Back-flip. In earlier times, it used to be known as the "holy grail of FMX." No contestant could ever successfully execute this trick, and it came to be regarded as impossible, a trick that could not exist in real life. It was thought to only exist in video games. A motocross film called Children of a Metal God featured motorcyclists trying to attempt the trick into water from a ramp. The trick had also been performed on several occasions on BMX bikes. This caused riders to speculate the possibility of the Back-flip in FMX. The first rider ever to execute the trick successfully was Bob Kohl. He performed the trick on a motocross bike in the year 1993. He performed it using a 1993 Honda Cr80 bike. Before this, he had been a professional BMX rider and had executed this trick on a bicycle on a regular basis. He went on to perform the trick until 1995, when he crashed and got various injuries.

The riding gear used in a Motocross event is usually the same as that used by MX racers. This consists of goggles, jersey, a helmet, a pair of gloves, MX pants and a pair of boots. Knee and elbow pads are also allowed to be used, as well as body armor for the legs and chest while executing more dangerous performances. A foam pit is one main part of Freestyle Motocross. The sizes of the foam pits vary but they are usually rectangular in shape, with cubed or shredded foam filling them. The rider jumps from a ramp and exhibits a dangerous trick and then lands inside the pit in the foam. The position he lands in does not count, as long as he lands successfully inside the pit. Some of the most famous Motocross riders include Nate Adams, Brian Deegan, Ailo Gaup, Kenny Bartram, Seth Enslow, Carey Hart, Dayne Kinnaird, Kyle Loza, Mike "Mad Mike" Jones, Larry Linkogle, Robbie Maddison, Travis Pastrana and Jeremy Lusk.

The excitement of the tricks performed in Freestyle Motocross leaves one breathless. Motocross riders are now getting set to perform these dangerous tricks right in front of your eyes! Don't miss the opportunity to watch this amazing sports extravaganza live. We have your Freestyle Motocross tickets right here!

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