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 Cornhusker Fight Club, known for holding some of the most ferocious fights of the Nebraskan history, is back. They are going to raise the bars of MMA events once again with some action packed, above par performances. Cornhusker Fight Club has always been one of the prominent venues for the Mixed Martial Arts events. They have organized some of the most memorable Mixed Martial Arts fights in the past and are ready with an exciting lineup for this season as well. Mixed Martial Arts has been one of the most extreme fighting competitions.

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About Cornhusker Fight Club

It is usually referred to as “the Ultimate fighting” and by definition is a full contact, cage fighting. The most exciting part of this form of fighting is that, it allows a wide range of fighting styles and has a very minimal set of restrictions or rules. This adds to the drama and excitement, making Cornhusker Fight Club a heated venue with thrill and excitement brimming out of its edges. This sport has its origin in the ancient Greece as it was part of their Olympics. It was brought to the US by UFC- the Ultimate Fighting Championship and became an international sport in 1993. This game has been so much popular, that it has already been giving a tough time to sports like boxing and professional wrestling. Cornhusker Fight Club is all set to hold the biggest fights of the season with the toughest fighters from all across. Stay up to date about the upcoming fights of the club and attend all the action with your Cornhusker Fight Club tickets.
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