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Based in the city of Winston-Salem located in North California, Winston-Salem Dash is a baseball team that plays in the minor league. They play via the Carolina League and are known to be a “Class A” team. Since the year 1997, the Winston-Salem Dash have also been a farm team which means that they train and educate young players that join other teams that may play n the major leagues as well. The Winston-Salem Dash is a farm team for the Chicago White Sox baseball team. The baseball team is more popularly known as The Dash and was founded in the year 1945. The Dash has had numerous affiliations with minor and major baseball league teams such as the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers.

About Winston Salem Dash

Previously the Winston-Salem Dash used to play their homes games in the Wake Forest Baseball Park from years 1956 to the year 2009. More recently the home ground for all Winston-Salem Dash games is the BB&T Ballpark in the year 2010. The BB&T Ballpark opened in the year 2010 and cost a whopping forty eight million dollars. This state of the art arena can become a host to over fifty five hundred enraging fans and if you wish to see this team play at their next event you should purchase affordable Dash tickets today.
Look out for other websites that would rip you off and use our facility that will provide you with the most affordable Dash prices for their tickets, so that you can enjoy maximum value for the money you invest. When the baseball team was established in the year 1954, they were originally named the Winston-Salem Twins, after which the name was changed numerous times over the years. The team was named Winston-Salem Red Birds in the year 1957, and then it was changed again to Winston-Salem Red Sox in the year 1961. The Red Sox then became the Spirits and then the Warthogs in the years 1984 and 1995 respectively when it was finally changed to the Winston-Salem Dash in the year 2009. The team has been able to win various title championships in numerous years, the most recent title being won in the year 2003. Get yourself affordable Dash tickets without any further delay.
The Winston-Salem Dash team is currently owned by Billy Prim of Sports Menagerie and is managed by Tommy Thompson. Previously the Winston-Salem Dash’s mascot was called Wally Warthog, which was named after the team’s name; however they had to change their mascot when they changed their name to Winston-Salem Dash. Currently their mascot is called the Bolt which wears a lightning costume and represents the team’s speed. If you are aiming to attend the next game by Winston-Salem Dash you should look out for an affordable Dash show that provides you great thrill at great prices.

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