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This amazing team is a minor league baseball team that can be found in the city of Toledo within the state of Ohio. The Toledo Mud Hens are part of the famous International Leauge and have a spectacular affiliation with an amazing team that plays in major league baseball, the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers and the Toledo Mud Hens thus form an amazing partnership with the former even helping the latter in its games. This team is also legendary in that it has existed for over a century; it was present in Toledo in one form or another since back in 1883 with the title Mud Hens first applied to the team back in 1896.

About Toledo Mud Hens

This was when Charles Strobel bought up the team and the name is from the inhabitants of the marsh next to the team’s grounds, a marshland where American Coots or mud hens as they are known lived. Thus, the name stuck to this team. Some of the recent successes of the team include bagging the fabled Governors’ Cup championships two times; consecutively in 2005 and then in 2006 as well. The present home grounds for the Toledo Mud Hens is the Fifth Third Field found at 406 Washington St. Within the International League, the Toledo Mud Hens have been playing since back in 1965 after the famous New York Yankees team, the Richmond Virginians, moved.
Before MLB's Detroit Tigers, the Toledo Mud Hens were also affiliated with many other teams such as Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians and even the Yankees. Their hometown is also a legendary place in the world of baseball as it was the first place that tried to break the color and race barrier to the sport. In fact, the 1884 version of this club was the only team within the major league baseball that contained African American players; the two brothers Welday Walker and Moses Fleetwood Walker. In 1902, after many years, the American Association re-opened the minor league. Soon after, the Toledo Mud Hens joined this league as a charter member and started playing at the famous Armory Park followed by playing at Swayne Field, a venue that lasted around fifty years.
The team won many championships back in the old days, such as an AA pennant, and soon after made a name for itself in minor league baseball with many players going on to play within the Major League. The team changed its name to the Senators in the 50s and then to Sox after shifting back to Toledo from Charleston. It was in 1953 that one of the legendary matches of the team were played and when it won yet another American Association pennant, around three hundred and fifty thousand fans were present at the games, an incredible record few teams manage even today with even larger venues.
The Toledo Mud Hens have two mascots; the male Muddy and the female Muddonna. The team has won the Governor’s Championship three times; once in 1967 and then later on in 2005 and 2006. Some of the famous players of the Toledo Mud Hens are Gabe Kapler, Kirby Puckett, Socks Seybold and Jim Thorpe. All in all, this is a spectacular team if you are looking for a Minor League Baseball team and its matches are filled with vigour and talent; well worth your Toledo Mud Hens tickets