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When it comes to sports, baseball has no comparison. With millions of fans all over the world, baseball is a sport that leaves the fans breathless with excitement and anticipation as they watch their favorite players bring their A game into the field. Now you have the opportunity to catch your favorite minor league baseball team in action. We are talking about none other than the Springfield Cardinals, who have been playing outstandingly ever since their inception. The team is ready to win the cup this season and look in great shape. Their latest matches are sure to be filled with excitement and thrill and tickets are in great demand.

About Springfield Cardinals

The Springfield Cardinals were formed in the year 2005 and are based in Missouri's beautiful city, Springfield. They are a Double A affiliate of the major league club St. Louis Cardinals and their home games are played at the Hammons Field. They started to play for the first time in the season of 2005 and have ever since managed to gain a large amount of fan following. People from all over the United States come by the thousands to attend their games at the Hammons Field and their attendance rate has been highly impressive over the years. An average of almost seven thousand people per each game have come to watch the Cardinals at their home field for all the four seasons they played here.
The Springfield Cardinals are the second most watched team in terms of average attendance record of all Double A baseball for all 3 seasons, with the first being the Frsico RoughRiders. The Cardinals came third place in attendance record in the year 2008, behind the Friso RoughRiders and the Corpus Christi Hooks. Because of the popularity of the team, Springfield city has started to attract hordes of tourists and active fans of the team, who drive down to the place to visit local attractions around the city such as the Baby Birds game, the Lake of the Ozarks and various more activities as well. Through the season of the year 2008, fifteen total players who formerly played in the Springfield Cardinals went on to join St. Louis Cardinals, with Chris Perez, Brendan Ryan, Andy Cavazos, Troy Cate, Josh Kinney and various more being among them.
There were some baseball teams in Springfield almost a century before the Springfield Cardinals began to play. For approximately three decades, the team belonging to Springfield was named several names such as the Merchants, the Midgets, the Jobbers, the Highlanders, and many more as well. Various years also came along with the city having no team at all. In the year 1932, a minor league team was bought by the St. Louis Cardinals. The name of the team was changed to the Cardinals and it was moved to Springfield. The same year, the Cardinals managed to win a Western Association title, which became the first of many to come. The leader of the front office of the team was the Hall of Famer Branch Rickey, and he led the team to play off games in numerous years including in 1934, 1935, 1938, 1939 and 1941. In addition to this, the team also achieved league wins in the years 1932, 1934, 1937 and 1941 under the leadership of Branch Rickey.
Some of the most talented baseball players in the current roster of the Springfield Cardinals include Nick Additon, Michael Blazek, Daniel Calhoun, Ramon Delgado, Samuel Freeman, John Gast, Scott Gorgen, Deryk Hooker, Joe Kelly, David Kopp, Scott McGregor, Shelby Miller, Casey Mulligan, Jose Rada, Chase Reid, Jorge Rondon, Francisco Samuel, Eduardo Sánchez, Scott Schneider, Kevin Thomas and various more as well. These gifted players will make sure to give you a smashing game in the upcoming tournament. Secure your seats to their latest matches with your Springfield Cardinals tickets and get set for the thrill!

Springfield Cardinals is one of the finest minor league teams of Baseball. They have been representing Springfield Missouri in the class AA level since 2005. The team has already started making their presence felt on the minor league baseball space. They have proven their dominance on the division level by being the North Division champions of 2007. Their performance in the Texas League has also shown promise. Their affiliation with Major League Baseball champions ‘St. Louis Cardinals’ has escalated the excitement on the field as some these athletes will be St. Louis Cardinals pros in a few years.
Many of the Springfield Cardinals stars have sailed successfully in St. Louis Cardinals team. Stanley Frank Musial often referred to as Stan “The Man” has been one such legendary player, who got himself noted in the Major League Competition as St. Louis Cardinals. His impressive performance in the season 1941 led to his immense popularity among the fans. Some of the other players making it to the pro level include Dizzy Dean, Paul Dean, Pepper Martin and Joe Medwick.

The team has its basis from the original Springfield Cardinals playing in the early thirties. Springfield has always been active in the professional baseball. The earliest teams of the region, known as the ‘Springfield Highlanders’ date back to 1905. The teams changed its names and appearances but remained quite active till the thirties.  This was the time when St. Louis Cardinals purchased a minor league team which was extremely successful in its league and won several titles. The team seized to exist in the mid forties but the Springfield Cardinals’ fans apparel still refers back to those days.

Springfield Cardinals has an exciting team roster under the management of Ron Warner. The team is coached by Phillip Wellman and Bryan Eversgerd for batting and pitching respectively. The pitchers of the team include Chase Reid, Casey Mulligan, David Kopp, Deryk Hooker, Eduardo Sánchez, Francisco Samuel, John Gast, Jose Rada, Jorge Rondon, Joe Kelly, Kevin Thomas, Michael Blazek, Nick Greenwood, Nick Additon, Ramon Delgado, Samuel Freeman, Scott Gorgen, Scott McGregor, Shelby Miller and Scott Schneider. The team is playing with Audry Perez, Charles Cutler and Travis Tartamella as their catchers. The outfield is covered by Chris Swauger, Daryl Jones, D'Marcus Ingram, James Rapoport and Thomas Pham. For the infield Eric Duncan, Jermaine Curtis, Jose Garcia, Matt Adams, Ryan Jackson and Zack Cox are responsible.

The Springfield Cardinals play their home games at the Hammons Field. This ballpark has been home to them since their inception. The stadium is owned by a corporate Mogul John Q. Hammons. He created the stadium before even the inception of the team. However, it was always in the cards that Springfield will have his own minor league team with an affiliation with St. Louis Cardinals. The stadium has a capacity of over seven thousand baseball fans and the turn-out in most of the Springfield Cardinals game is pretty good. This season again the stadium will be on fire with some of the best team moments to be seen. If you want to catch them live, order your Springfield Cardinals Tickets right away.

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