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Since the arrival of the new millennium, Somerset Patriots have been among the top baseball teams. Ever since the team entered the sport professionally, it has won five League and eight Division titles. The team is appreciated for its professionalism in baseball for over a decade now and is known to scare away the competitors with its valor till today.

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About Somerset Patriots

Somerset Patriots
are a member of the Freedom Division of Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and represent New Jersey for the game. The history of the team dates back to the late nineties when it played its inaugural game as a road team. In 1999, the opening of TD Bank Ballpark marked a formal beginning for the team to play baseball. The venue soon became the center of playing home games for the team and it was the time when its success story began.
The success of Somerset Patriots is credited to the amount of hard work the team puts in, rigorous training sessions as well as the expertise of the coaches. Managed by the Cy Young Award winner Sparky Lyle, who is also a world champion for playing with the ‘New York Yankees’, the team boasts of great defense tactics. Despite playing the sport for such a long time, the Patriots never fail to surprise the opponents with their match-winning tricks and fierce ball playing. Lucky enough, the Patriots got hold of the best coaches and managers whose experience proved to be extremely valuable in pursuing with their professional career further.
Lyle has been managing the team since its inaugural season and holds three ‘Manager of the Year’ honors. During his tenure, the team has won five Atlantic League Titles, nine Division and 12 Half titles. His management abilities have proven to be a lucky charm for the team over the years.

Somerset Patriots
is ranked at the top position among the Minor League Baseball teams nationwide. Being internationally recognized for its incredible play, it draws over 4,000,000 fans from across the world. The Patriots are represented with a mascot of anthropomorphic dog named ‘Sparkee’, dressed up in the team’s uniform, wearing white sneakers. The name of the mascot is kept after the manager of the team, who is leading it in the right direction to prove its mettle for the game. The players are recognized as Patriots in the field with their navy, maroon and silver colored uniforms. “Sparkee” in his similar costume, leads the crowd into deafening cheers.
The Patriots are well prepared for the upcoming season and are putting in a lot of effort at their training sessions. The players are ready to set the arenas ablaze and give the opposition a tough time. So all baseball lovers out there; get ready for a thrilling match between your favorite Somerset Patriots and its rival team. The team always hopes for a great turnout and support at its games, and this time is no different. The Patriots once again want to see their home ground filled with ardent fans. The picnic area, luxury suites and the largest HD scoreboard found anywhere in the minor leagues, the championship is anticipated to be amazing. So hurry and get your Somerset Patriots Tickets as early as possible!

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