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The AAA Affiliate of ‘Chicago White Sox’ Charlotte Knights is a Minor League Baseball Team representing North Carolina for the game. The team plays in the international league with Norfolk Tides, Gwinnett Braves and Durham Bulls.

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Hitting the field in 1901, the team has decades of professional experience in challenging the toughest teams for the game.

The Knights were introduced in the world of sports as Charlotte Hornets and continued to play with this name until 1937. The team experienced many changes as far as its affiliations are concerned with the respective modifications in the team’s name. ‘Charlotte Hornets’ was transformed to Twins and then Orioles before turning into Charlotte Knights. The team has won four Leagues and a couple of Division titles. Fortunate enough to get the services of the best coaches for the team, its players strive hard to make the game challenging till the last moment. The Knights ruled the era of nineties by successfully contending two International League Championships. All set to reoccupy their position in the new decade, it is going through hard training sessions. The team is managed by Joe Mcewing currently and coached by several experienced trainers for baseball.

So all baseball lovers out there, the Knights are ready to take up the fight! The battle is about to begin and the schedule for the game is all set! Hurry and get your Charlotte Knights Tickets Lawrenceville as early as possible!