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Lacrosse is a player’s game. The origins of the game are from the Native Americans. This incredible sport is played by making use of a tiny rubber ball as well as a long handled stick which is known as a “crosse” and also a “lacrosse stick”. The sport is now prominently played in Canada as well as the United States of America. This sport is a touch game which involves a lot of padding for the player’s. The head of the stick is strung with an unfastened web which is tailored to grasp as well as hold the ball of the lacrosse. The main aim behind this fantastic sport is to make a score by hitting the tiny lacrosse ball right into the goal of the opponent. This is done so by making use of the lacrosse stick in order to grasp and then pass the ball onto the next player. In defense, the principle aim of the game is to engage the other team players from being able to score and make sure to dispose the opponent team players from the ball while using the lacrosse stick to make sure no body contact is made.
There are in total four most important types of the Lacrosse, which are: the box lacrosse, the men’s field lacrosse, the intercrosse and the women’s lacrosse. The highest governing body of the game is the Federation of International Lacrosse. The game was first played near the beginning as the 12th century AD. However, the game was codified in the year of 1867. The characteristics of the game are that the contact between the player’s, the ball and the stick should be complete. There are a total number of 10 players at a time in one team. The equipment used to play this game is shoulder pads, gloves, arm pads, lacrosse stick, elbow pads and helmet. The game was played in the Olympic Games of 1904 till 1908 and was demonstrated in 1932, 1928 and 1948.
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