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A.S. Roma is not a new name in the professional Italian football scene and is considered among the topnotch teams. The three times Italian Serie A winners never seem to back down and every new Italian Serie A AS Roma comes as an action-packed event for the fans. And when Roma comes to play in one of the top professional league football competitions, the event is even more spectacular. The competition brings all the fiery Italian football talent on one field where they play to gain international fame. Italian Serie A AS Roma tickets are probably the best selling sports tickets in the whole of Rome where people get to experience pure and uncut football entertainment.  

About As Roma

Behind only English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A is an eighty year old football league system which has produced numerous European Cup finalists. The league is the host to Milan, Internazionale and Juventus; world’s three most successful and notable clubs, all members of G-14. Events held by Serie A are always extravagant business and become the most-talked about and anticipated ones. Italian Serie A AS Roma is a big event where teams of high international ranking come together to play for a title that can add to their prestige.  

A.S. Roma is the proud winners of 3 Serie A titles, 9 Coppa Italia titles and also 2 Supercoppa Italiana titles. The team plays its home games at the second biggest football stadium in Rome, Stadio Olimpico, which they share with their rivals Lazio. With a new stadium under construction, fans of Roma will have double the fun watching the game at a brand new venue. Where on one hand, fans of this Italian team cannot resist any of the game; they are always looking for cheap Roma tickets which make the idea of attending a game even more fun. Italian Serie A AS Roma games are such where crowds and crowds of fans sitting in the bleachers can actually feel the heat that is emitting from the field and the spirit with which the team is playing. Roma has a bunch of talented players up their squad who shine no matter what the tournament.

Just like all the other seasons, fans have high hopes for the upcoming season and 2012 Italian Serie A AS Roma tickets are already making their way to fans' possessions. 2011-2012 season is the 60th season that the team will be playing in a row and so this is an important event for the team as well as for the fans who have been loyal to Roma and have showed as much a passion for its progress as the players themselves. Italian Serie A AS Roma tickets always come as a wonderful treat for fans who get to be a part of this magnificent football tournament, watching games of crème de la crème of Italian football playing against Roma.

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