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After almost three decades of entertainment and performances on the ice, Stars on Ice has become something of an institution in the world of skating. The biggest attraction of the show has been that it has featured some of the best skating talent from all over. The most accomplished, skilled and talented skaters of the modern era come and showcase their presentations here. Spectators can count on being mesmerized by athletes of international ranking. Even Olympic stars can be seen performing here. With Stars on Ice tickets, you can be a part of their twenty seventh anniversary celebration.

About Stars On Ice

Scott Hamilton is a champion figure skater and Olympic gold medalist. He was one of the pioneers of the tour when it started in 1987. Hamilton remains a fairly active part of Stars on Ice and calls it “the greatest ice show on earth”. This tour began with the a very basic aim, it made sure that it could tell everyone what skating was all about. The brains behind the show designed it flawlessly; they made it a mega show that was “all about skating”. With a variety of skating acts they tour was able to attract sports, skating as well as general public to this event. The fans and spectators appreciated everything from the sophisticated skating to challenging choreography. Event the costumes were all dazzling making every show on the tour a skating stars gala.

Over the years the Stars on Ice tour has performed extensively in the United States of America and Canada and many other locations around the globe. The show has entertained countless fans and inspired an army of young athletes and performers. Through their thirteen hundred shows over the last three decades, they have marked their name as the greatest show of skating in North America. The tour’s 2011 edition was a big milestone as it marked the silver jubilee for the tour. The silver jubilee show included a special theme that featured group performances with present and past stars performing with hip hop themes. The show won great critical acclaim.

This season the tour is going international; it is customized with lineups and that cater best to the local tastes and preferences. Some of the brightest talents from around the world including iconic stars like Dorothy Hamill, Kurt Browning, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Joannie Rochette and Ilia Kulik will be performing this time.  Skating fans who know achievements of the ex-world champion Browning, Olympic medalist Hamil know that the show will have a lot to look forward to. Everything from the flair of the performers to fans screaming for more; every show will bring the venue alive with great energy.

The entire show is made to give the spectator a complete experience. It has everything that that includes visual and sound impacts; complementing the elegance of the performing stars. The sound track is dynamic and powerful and the lighting is very effective. Every show on the tour will highlight world class skaters like never before. Grab cheap Stars on Ice tickets to witness live skating action.