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Opening Day Del Mar is a “Thoroughbred Horse Racing” event that takes place every year at Del Mar, California. It is run by the “Del Mar Thoroughbred Club” who also have their own racing track. The track was built by actors Jimmy Durante, Oliver Hardy, Bing Crosby, Pat O’Brien and Charles S. Howard. They go by the slogan, “Where the Turf Meets the Surf”. It is horse racing season again, so get your Opening Day Del Mar tickets now.

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The event itself has a reputation of not only being a racing ordeal, but an event of style and fashion. Attendees are expected to adorn their best dresses appropriate for the occasion along with summer hats. In fact, the event has a tradition of nominating “One and Only Truly Fabulous Hats Contest” where they honor the guest who is most creative in their fashion. Opening Day Del Mar has also become known for being a celebration of Western festivities. Because of its flair and status, the event has attracted a lot of celebrities and socialites who have helped project the event into the pop culture mainstream.
Thoroughbred horse racing is a sport which involves, as is suggested by its name, racing the fastest Thoroughbred horse. It is generally considered to be an elite sport where horses of such kinds are only owned by really rich people. Sometimes, horses are also sponsored to the racer, or provided with the help of partnerships. However, traditionally, racers have bred and used their own horses for competitions like the Opening Day Del Mar.
The event first began in 1937, and when it did, initiator Bing Crosby greeted all the attendees personally. At this point in time, Thoroughbred horse racing was only second to “Major League Baseball” in popularity and following. Thus when in 1938, a race between Binglin Stable and his horse, Ligaroti and co owner Charles S. Howard and his horse, Seabiscuit was announced for a $25,000, the event became the talk of the time, and the headline of every newspaper and tabloid. This also became the first time that a Thoroughbred horse race was broadcasted on the radio by NBC. The racers selected to ride the horses were George Woolf for Seabiscuit, and Noel Richardson for Ligaroti. This event also generated a record breaking crowd, who were pleased to see Seabiscuit narrowly win the exciting battle.
One of the stars of the Del Mar Opening Day is Kayla Stra. Although she is originally from Australia, she came to the United States to compete further. Stra had horses around her from a very young age. Soon, she became the face of Thoroughbred racing in Australia. She came to the US since the sport had bigger market there than in her hometown. Her Opening Day victory came with a horse named King Ledley.
Fans can now get Del Mar Opening Day tickets to see who emerges as this year’s victor. In any case, the event is bound to be one full of festivities.

The ultimate horse racing event is ready to kick off and it is called Del Mar Thoroughbred racing opening day. This event has become one of the most popular of its kind and continues to enjoy an ever increasing fan base. It has been taking place in the beach town of Del Mar for the last many decades now. As evident from the name this race features one of the most thoroughbred horses in the country. It is advisable that your timely purchase Del Mar Thoroughbred Race opening day tickets to avoid any hassle.
Del Mar Thoroughbred race takes place at the renowned Del Mar race Track that is located Del Mar. This beach town is in San Diego County. It is spread over an area of about 2 square mile and has a population of around 4000. Some other highlights of this town apart from the race track are Torrey Pines State Beach, The San Diego Country Fair and Torrey Pines Golf Course which is considered to be one of the most challenging and special golf courses in the world. Del Mar Derby is a popular event that has been taking place since 1945. The distance of the race is over a mile long that takes place on a left-handed green race track. It has prize money of $350,000. Some horses that won this race in the past were My Best Brother, Get Funky, Willow O Wisp, Val Royal, Rainbow Blues, Ocean Crest, Deputy Governor and Give Me Strength.
More recently Del Mar Track has been renovated, a synthetic surface was placed in 2007 making it the second track in Southern California with this type of surface. Apart from holding Del Mar Thoroughbred race opening day this track also hosts a number of other popular grade 1, 11 and 111 races such as Bing Crosby Stakes, Del Mar Oaks, Del Mar Futurity, Del Mar Oaks, Eddie Read Stakes, Pacific Classic Stakes, Del Mar Mile Handicap, La Jolia Handicap, Palomar Breeders Cup Handicap, Rancho Bernardo Handicap and Sorrento Stakes. Some ungraded races that are held include Oceanside Stakes, El Cajon Stakes, Torrey Pines Stakes, Green Flash Handicap and Pirate’s Bounty Stakes.
Del Mar Thoroughbred racing opening day is one race show that everyone is eager to attend. Fans this year again the racing show will be taking place on the very famous Del Mar Race Track and thousands of fans are expected to attend from not just other US states but also from other countries. IF you love horse racing then you better be present at the Del Mar Race Track to watch the best race of the season. Why wait when you can now get cheap Del Mar Thoroughbred Racing opening day tickets, so don’t miss.

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