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A notable team in the Southern professional Hockey League, the Louisiana Icegators began their play with the 2009-10 season. The team is based Lafayette, Louisiana, just like their predecessor Icegators who played from 1995 onwards only to wrap up in 2005. They played their home games at the Blackham Coliseum as members of SPHL during their very first season, but came back to the Cajundome for the 2010-2011 season. The Louisiana Icegators currently play under the direction of Head Coach Kevin Kaminski with Louis Dumont as the General Manager. Coach Kaminski won much popularity among fans with his gritty style playing, earning the nick name of Killer Kaminski. He retired in 1999, just after playing three seasons for Portland Pirates of Portland.

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About Louisiana Icegators

 The team is interestingly affiliated with the New York Islanders (since October 2010) who belong to the National Hockey League, and the Bridgesport Sound Tigers who belong to the American Hockey League. If you wan to attend a fun match with a real intriguing sense of game, with much cheering and roaring from the wild fans, then the Louisiana Icegators tickets are just the perfect option.
The 2005 Louisiana Icegators were brought back to the ice grounds by businessman Danny Smith, who also owned the team, with Ron Handy as the then Head Coach. Handy had played with the original Icegators team that commanded the ice field during the years 1995 through 1996.  By August 2010 however, a deal was arranged and Danny Smith sold the esteemed team to two other local businessmen. In October 2009, Ron Handy gave up as head coach after a 0-3-0 beginning. He was then replaced on an interim basis by the General Manager Brent Sapergia. Louisiana Icegators had a tough time during the following years, since Sapergia was banned from the team after being notoriously disqualified in two successive games.
The Louisiana Icegators have perhaps gathered much attention on part of Sapergia’s inappropriate behavior; in Pensacola he randomly threw a water bottle on to the ice floor, followed by the throwing of a water cooler and then only too ridiculously, a pair of instant medical kits. He then gave a confusedly anticipated goodbye gesture at the shocked, taken aback fans and finally left the arena. Following Sapergia, coach john Gibson, who was a former Huntsville Havoc team member, took the place of Head Coach while Ron Handy was to concentrate on the team’s community relations and all the matters off the icy field.
The original Louisiana Icegators logo features an aggressive, deep green alligator with blood red eyes and pointy long claws, holding the Icegators board with Louisiana inscribed behind him. The team’s current logo consists of the same alligator standing on all fours in the more aggressive position that asserts the animal is about to attack its prey. The alligator certainly presents the aggressive team’s spirits who make sure they put in all their best to win the game. Get the Louisiana Icegators tickets and be there to watch the fantastic players clad in green, white, yellow and black score on the field.   

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