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The IHL (International Hockey League) was a trifling skilled and certified ice hockey league in Canada as well as the United States of America. The IHL (International Hockey League) originally functioned from the year of 1945 right till 2001. The International Hockey League was known to be the alternate league as a substitute to the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as to the American Hockey League (AHL). 2001 saw the league merging into the acclaimed American Hockey League due to having run for more than fifty-six years and ultimately having financial unsteadiness which resulted in the league crumbling down. Six teams of the IHL (International Hockey League) successfully merged into the American Hockey League (AHL) in the year of 2001.
The IHL (International Hockey League) was founded in the year of 1945. The professional ice hockey team which has won the most titles of the league has been the Cincinnati Mohawks. This particular ice hockey team has won five championships of the IHL (International Hockey League).
Although the IHL (International Hockey League) was ceased in 2001, yet the fifty-six years that this incredible league gave to the world of sports entertainment are truly treasured by avid fans of the ice hockey sport. The league has always displayed remarkable talents from the sporting arenas of professional ice hockey. The games and sporting talents that are displayed in the events of the International Hockey League are without any reasonable doubt truly memorable and spectacular.
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