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Football remains the most popular game across the globe, and clubs like FC St Pauli give a color more than just as a game to this form of sports.
Located in Hamburg in the St Pauli quarter, German football club Fuβball-Club St Pauli or FC St Pauli was founded in 1910. It is the football section of a larger club. The main club also comprises of sections that play Rugby, boxing, bowling, American football, handball, softball, chess, skittles, cycling and table tennis.

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According to categorization of football as an official game in Germany, the highest level is Bundesliga, after which comes the Fuβball-Bundesliga and then Regionalliga. The club previously used to play in Fuβball-Bundesliga, from where it was demoted to Regionalliga for some time in 2003-04. Nevertheless, St Pauli had the fighting spirit that was required to win back its position, and it was promoted to the second level of teams i.e. Fuβball-Bundesliga again in 2007. The improvement continued further and Fc St Pauli was included in the Bundesliga, the highest level of football in Germany in 2010.
History of the club dates back to late 1800s, when a group of football lovers collaborated to play together. A similar group was formed by Aegir Swimming Club, and the two teams came face to face for the first time in 1907. It turned out to be a good experience, and official foundation of this club FC St Pauli was laid down in 1910. Owing to the enthusiasm possessed by the players as well as the local population that supported them, the club soon became one of the well recognized football playing bodies in Germany, and maintained the quality and skills of its players despite some ups and downs in 1930s. A major setback to the club and its game was due to World War II, but it reappeared to the surface soon after war in mid 1940s.
The first season that FC St Pauli played after the war was 1947-48 season in which they finished on second position, leading to their eligibility to play national championship. They played well, but were pushed out of the tournament in the semi finals. They could not win the championship, but managed to establish themselves as a great opposition against any top class team in Germany.
Bundesliga, Germany’s highest football league was formed in 1963 and FC St Pauli could not be eligible to play in that league before about fifteen years of struggle. Finally the club was included in Bundesliga in 1974, a second tier professional circuit formed after the huge success of Bundesliga in Germany. The club played in the league for a long time, but owing to some financial instability it could not sustain its position and was dropped down in 1970s. Nevertheless, the club fought back and won its position again later.
By the mid 1980s, FC St Pauli had become more than just a football club. It supported anti right wing politics, and shifted the location of its home ground to an area of Hamburg called the Reeperbahn. It was located near the red light district and was also the hub of low level politics in the city. The club’s activities directly influenced people’s minds, and FC St Pauli also gained popularity as a Kult Club, referring to the bizarre and out of the mainstream activates that the supporters used to exhibit.
Even today the club maintains its unique identity as a Kult club in Germany, where its supporters can be spotted easily in its games, with their conspicuous style and features. The playing track record of the club has also improved remarkably within the last few years, making it maintain its position in the Bundesliga. For people who love football and want to have an experience that goes beyond simply the game of football, FC St Pauli tickets have much to offer!

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