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Bayern Freiburg Tickets

Football fans are spread across the globe, some of them just happen to be more fanatical than the others. Germans are hardcore football fans, they love and nurture this sport like no other. The domestic football clubs in Germany are as grand as their national team; they enjoy huge fans following and international star status. These clubs represent their respective cities in National and International inter club championships. Coming soon is the game between two of the best football clubs of the country, i.e. FC Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg.  The fans on both sides are eager to watch them fight for the pride. Bayern’s fans believe that there is no match between the two yet they worry about the results as they know the potential of Freiburg. You already know that all such matches are sold out so fans are requested to grab Bayern Freiburg Tickets ASAP and save themselves from disappointment.

FC Bayern is based in Munich, Bavaria; it is undoubtedly the best football club in Germany. Bayern’s supporters are highly praised for their loyalties and passion during live matches. Currently there are over 2,400 fan clubs that represent about 150,000 followers of the club and these figures are of the German fans only. According to SPORT+MARKT, FC Bayern enjoys the 5 spot for the most popular football club in Europe with 21 millions supporters. Bayern has won International Cup twice, UEFA Champions League 4 times, European Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup once, German Football Championship 22 times, DFB Pokal 15 times, DFB Ligapokal 6 times and DFB Supercup 4 times along with a total of 20 different friendly competitions. Such splendid performance is bound to win them unconditional support of their fans and some serious rivalries with clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and A.C. Milan.

SC Freiburg football club was founded in 1904 at Freiburg im Breisgau. So far, the club has won 2nd Bundesliga Championships thrice, South Baden Cup twice and Ciudad De Cartagena Trophy championships once in 1995. Current Freiburg players include: Alain Junior Olle Olle, Daniel Williams, Cedric Makiadi, Papiss Cisse, Tommy Bechmann, Felix Bastains, Kisho Yano, Stefan Reisinger, Jonathan Jager, Zvonko Pamic, Pavel Krmas, Jan Rosenthal, Oliver Barth, Omer Toprak, Anton Putsila, Johannes Flum, Simon Pouplin, Ivica Banovic, Julian Schuster, Oliver Bauman, Daniel Caigiuri and Heiko Butscher the captain of the team. The club plays home at Dreisamstadion aka Badenova-Stadion. This multipurpose sports arena has seating capacity for 25.000 people. It was built in 1953 morph and was switched to photovoltaic panels in 1993 to become the first German stadium to run on solar energy.

The Allianz Arena, Munich is the venue for this game between Freiburg and Bayern. It opened in May 2005 with a construction cost of € 340 million. The field currently serves as the home ground for Bayern and is known to be one the loudest and the most happening stadiums of Germany. It is known for its outstanding square structure and changes color, it is sometimes more interesting to be outside the stadium to watch its brilliant glow than being inside to watch some match. Allianz Arena is the venue for 2012 UEFA Champions League Final. It has a capacity for almost 70,000 people and all related features to accommodate such large number of people. Most of the games at Allianz Arena are sold because fans experience of being part of such wonderful crowd is enhanced with tons of amenities available here.

The fans of Bayern Munchen and SC Freiburg keep a very close check on their respective club’s matches and they have always been very active in grabbing their tickets. This time, the hype for the game calls for some serious measures. If you are planning to be part of this super event then you have to grab Bayern Freiburg Tickets as soon as possible.

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