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Greenville Road Warriors tickets presents another flavorsome fixture South Carolina’s professional ice hockey. The team Greenville Road Warriors based in Greenville, is a member of the ECHL’s Eastern Conference. It belongs to the southern Division of the Conference. The Greenville Road Warriors’ home stadium is the BI-LO Center, located in downtown Greenville. This franchise is owned and managed by Neil Smith while Dean Stork keeps the team under his coaching wing. The team has NHL affiliates New York Rangers and the Connecticut Whales of AHL in hearty symbiosis.

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About Greenville Road Warriors

Greenville Road Warriors became Greenville’s second team to play in the league. The Road Warriors came an became a the sophomore representative. To begin the Greenville Road Warriors came together as a team called the Johnstown Chiefs in 1988. They retained this identity from the very beginning till 2010. They became one of the five founding franchises of the ECHL and contributed commendable games, players and records to the league. The Johnstown Chiefs played at the Cambria Country War Memorial Arena as their official home ground. This venue located in Johnstown housed twenty two seasons of the Johnstown under the ECHL. The Johnstown Chiefs introduced themselves to the ECHL with a tremendous show of active and fast track ice hockey. They made a lasting impression in the league when the team winded up their first regular season as runners-up. Once again at the Riley Cup, the team finished second. For a beginner these achievements advocated a provisioning team of the league.
The Johnstown Chiefs were playing well however, financial constraints, venue and ownership issues called for a relocation. The team’s affiliation with numerous clubs including the Colorado Avalanche and Pittsburgh Penguins along with others facilitated the process of relocation. The team relocated to Greenville after the 2009-10 season folded. They came to Greenville’s BI-LO Centre under a five year deal. The deal encapsulated numerous opportunities for the team and due importance. Hence the new affiliation with Greenville made them the Greenville Road Warriors.  With many of the Jamestown Chiefs players intact, the team promises to bring the same fervor and game play to be showcased at the BI-LO Centre. Another provision to the team was the acquisition of the Cincinnati Cyclones assistant coach Dean Stork. He became the official head coach of the franchise and took of the team on a rigours exercises of team play, technical game play and motivation.
The 2010-11 season brings forth the Greenville Road Warriors, substantiated with extensive training and intensive grounding. The team has been reviewed positively by critics and predicted by fans to become a yet powerful new manifestation of an inaugural game play. Greenville Road Warriors tickets showcase the team in their first season after the relocation. Based on their previous record as the Jamestown Chiefs, the Greenville Road Warriors hockey is promising in every aspect. From goaltending to slaphots by the forwards and obstructions by the defense the Greenville Road Warriors have all the essentials for a win.
Though the team has never achieved a title, but has always finished with valuable seasonal profile. Greenville Road Warriors tickets lightens up Greenville’s BI-LO Center for a positively anticipated inaugural of the team. Cheap Greenville Road Warrior tickets are a click away. Find the best seating option and book them at the earliest to avoid any disappointment. Be there when the Greenville Road Warriors arrive for showdown!

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