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The Ashes cricket series is among the most watch cricket series in the world. It pits two of the heavyweights of the sport, England and Australia, against each other in what is among the list of the most historic sports rivalries of all time. The latest edition is now just around the corner so book the Ashes cricket series England tickets and watch all the action live.

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The Ashes cricket series traces its roots back to the year 1882 but cricketing ties between Australia and England began five years before that in 1877. The cricketing rivalry took off between the two nations in 1882 when Australia went on a tour of England to play a one-off test match. That game was played at The Oval and turned out to be a low scoring humdinger of a match. Batting first the visitors scored a paltry sixty three runs on what was a very difficult surface to bat on. In reply the home side put one hundred and one runs on the board. Australia scored one hundred and twenty two runs in their second innings, giving England a target of only eighty five runs to with the match. The home team fell eight runs short of the target giving Australia their first win on English soil. It was a horrible moment for England cricket and everyone associated with the team faced a severe backlash.
Newspaper The Sporting Times then famously said that the defeat was the death of England cricket and the ashes of it will be taken to Australia. It might have been a bit an over-the-top reaction but it has since gone on to become a very important part of the cricket folklore. When England travelled to Australia for the 1882-1883 series it was called by the media “the quest to regain The Ashes.” A small urn was given to the captain of the visiting England side Ivo Bligh by some women from Melbourne. Historians say that the urn contained the ashes from a bail that was burnt. Since that moment onwards the series has been dubbed “The Ashes cricket series.” The captain of the winning teams gets to hold a copy of that famous urn aloft since the actual urn has a permanent place in the museum of the Marylebone Cricket Club, London.
England and Australia cricket series have been brilliant cricketing spectacles that have been watched by millions of fans around the globe. A total of sixty six ashes series have been played between the two nations.  The Australians have their noses in front with thirty one wins to England’s thirty. Five series have ended in draws. The latest edition will take place in England and it once again promises to be a special occasion. Cricket fans in every part of the world are looking forward to it and now you can buy cheap The Ashes cricket series England tickets to watch all the ups and downs live.