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The Ashes Test series is one of the most widely viewed and anticipated events in the sporting calendar of cricket. England and Australia are the two giants in the world of cricket. Their rivalry on the ground outmatches any that is seen in any competitive sport around the world. This sportsmanship by both playing nations has lead to some epic battles and numerous records over the years. Fans in both countries are glued to the screens and racing to fill the stands at various venues in either nations wherever the series is being held. The rivalry of other great cricketing nations like Pakistan and India has been the centre of attention as well, yet no other singular rivalry can command the respect and eagerness for the Ashes Test series. This year, this series is being held at various venues throughout Australia thus bringing the Ashes to this beautiful country.

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Having had the first delivery bowled on 25th November this year, the Ashes Test series has already seen some remarkable match play by world class players from both teams. Currently, England is defending its victory over Australia on home ground and the Aussies are all set for a classic revenge and takeover once again of the urn. Australia was victorious by a staggering five test to none in the last encounter these two teams had in Australia.

Due to finish on January the 7th, the series is presently being led by last years’ winners, England by one game to nil. So far Australia has had the most wins against England in this half a century old competition labelled the Ashes Test series. Of the sixty five encounters, five series have finished in draws and of the remaining sixty, Australia lead with a staggering thirty one wins against, twenty nine of England. Just these statistics will unravel the depth and intensity of competition between the two teams.

The build up to this year’s encounter has been interesting for both teams. Both countries went head to head with other teams from around the world gathering momentum for the summer showdown in Australia. Where England showed its dominating performance on their way to the Ashes Test series, the Australian team has been found both on the pitch as well as in the field. This lax on the part of the Aussies have led many speculators and cricket analysts to envision a win for England this time around, as the Aussies seem to be at their weakest. Towards the close of this year’s cricket planner, they did however manage a win in both the Twenty20 and one day international matches against a formidable team of Sri Lanka. The Ashes Test series cannot be left on speculations though, considering the same team was at its worst ever in the early eighties yet would win this series three times in a row. Much sport entertainment and gripping matches are yet to come. The Ashes Test Series Day 4 match will be utterly entertaining considering a great partnership already underway between England Captain Andrew Strauss and Stuart Broad. Shane Watson would be looking to take apart the England batting line up and veteran captain Ricky Ponting most surely would like to the British a run for their money.  With well over two hundred thousand people having locked the stands already, the Adelaide Oval Stadium in Adelaide will be the centre of attention across Australia.

The Australian team has a mix of talent and experience in its sixteen man team line up. Brad Haddin is expected to be just as harsh on the batting pitch as he is on the field. Mike Hussey is another experienced player along with Phillip Hughes who shall be great names to play alongside for relative new-comers such as Michael Beer and Mitchell Johnson. The England line up for the Ashes Test Series Day 4 will not be any piece of cake for the Aussies. With the experienced eye of captain Andy Strauss on the team and his wingmen, in the form of the much respected and feared Kevin Peterson and agile Paul Collingwood, England are all set to ensure some amazing cricket. Already England’s Alistair Cook has broken a record of the greatest of great Sir Donald Bradman for the highest test score of 235 at the Gabba Stadium. Undoubtedly many more epic moments are expected. Get out there and witness the amazing contest between these two teams by grabbing the 2nd Ashes Test Day 4 Australia tickets.

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