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The athletic teams of the University of Washington are called the Washington Huskies. These teams include 10 female and 9 male squads. The University of Washington is among the few universities where sports are taken seriously and the students know how to make their opponents "Bow Down to Washington". Even emphasis is laid on all sports; it is another thing that the on campus and ex-students are fonder of their football team i.e. Washington Huskies Football. Other teams include; basketball, rowing, cross country, tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, track, gymnastics, softball and volleyball. All students, alumni and sports teams of the University of Washington are called Huskies which was the name chosen for the university's mascot in the year 1922. Watching the Huskies games live among the loudest Husky fans is always an exciting experience; you need cheap Washington Huskies Tickets for that.

About Washington Huskies

The football team of the University of Washington has a long and cherished history. The Football Huskies are active since 1889 and has won several prestigious titles which include 4 National Championships, 7 Rose Bowl Titles and 15 Pacific-10 Conference Championships. The Huskies enjoy an uninterrupted membership Pacific-10. With 63 consecutive victories from 1907 till 1917, the Huskies hold 1-A NCCA Division record of the longest winning streak. Huskies play home at the historical Husky Stadium. It opened in 1920 and was rebuilt in 1987. The stadium has a capacity for 72,500 spectators. It is the biggest stadium of the Pacific Northwest. It is believed that audience wave originated at the Husky Stadium in 1981, several people claim to have initiated it but all agree on one thing that wave trend was introduced by the Huskies. This stadium has been known to be the loudest stadium of the U.S; it holds the record of producing the loudest 135 decibels of sound by any college football stadium.

Basketball enjoys the second largest fan following by the Huskies. The men's basketball is formally known as the Washington Huskies Men's Basketball Team. The famous basketball Huskies include; Chester Dorsey, James Edward, Bruno Boin, Todd MacCulloch, Eldridge Recasner, Christian Welp, Mark Sanford George Irvin, Ralph Bishop, Jack Nichols, Lorenzo Romar, Lars Hansen, Spencer Hawes, Brandon Roy, Bob Houbregs, Nate Robinson and Charles Dudley. It has won 18 Pacific-10 Conference Championships. Both male and female basketball Huskies play home at the on campus arena called Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. This facility is serving the Huskies since 1927 and can accommodate around 10,000 spectators. Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion is the home field for the female volleyball and gymnastic Huksies.

University of Washington's rowing team is the most successful of all so far. It is part of the University's sports since 1901 and proved its dominance in Summer Olympics of 1936 by winning the gold medal. The rowing Huskies became first team ever U.S to win a championship on the Soviet soil. They defeated the World Champion Rower Leningrad Trud in Moscow and received a. standing ovation from the Russian crowd. The Huskies men and women have won 17 Olympic Gold medals, men's team have won 12 national titles and female squad is just behind them with 11 national titles. The known female rowers include: Anna Mickelson, Marry Whipple, Carrie Stasiak , Annabel Ritchie, Jan Harville, Nicole Roggers, Lauren Estevenin, Rika Geyser, Adrienne Hunter, Sabina Telenska, Annie Christie, Katy Dunnet, Tristine Glick, Alida Purves, Kelly Harton, Vanessa Tavalero, Yvonneke Senken, Jan Williamson, Nina Carter, Nicole Borges, Denni Nessler, Heidi Hurn and Kara Nykreim.

Sunny Boy was the first mascot for the University of Washington. This gold painted statute remained the university's mascot from 1920 till 1923. The live sled Alaskan Malamute dogs remained the Huskies' mascot till 1961 but due to logistic difficulties, they only appeared at the home games. In 1995, a costumed mascot was commissioned to appear in the games where Siberian Huskies could not. Through Public vote in 1997, the costumed mascot was named Harry the Husky. Dubs, the live Alaskan Malamute leads the teams to the field in each game. Well Washington Huskies Tickets are available now, you can order them now and join the loudest crowd to support the Huskies.