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The Missouri Tigers truly live up to their name. They are ferocious when facing any of their opponents. They almost always adopt an offensive strategy for their games, exactly as per the popular belief that offence is the best defense. Their competitive spirit on the field leads the way and the team gives all of their games a hundred and ten percent. This has helped them win various prestigious titles over the years in several different games. This has helped the Tigers develop a taste for the victory and their hunger for better and better is hardly ever sated. The biggest champion for the Missouri Tigers has definitely been their basketball teams which have brought plenty of trophies. But unfortunately, enough the fan base of the varsity is all cuckoo for the football team which is just as good as any of the Tigers team.

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Given the fact that the football team of the Missouri Tigers enjoys a fan base that is bigger than that of any of the other teams, one would think that this must have been the most success Tigers team on the field but that actually is far from the truth. During the recent years, some other Tigers have taken the lead in terms of the championship titles. The basketball and the baseball team of the Missouri Tigers have won more championships than that their football squad. Those brilliant performers of the basketball are the reason how and why more Tigers make into the ranks of the prestigious NBA players than any of the other athletes from the Missouri Tigers athletic program. That works great for the fans who can continue watching some of their favorite Missouri Tigers on the television even after they graduate from the varsity and become part of the hi-fi NBA franchise. The rest of the athletic program of the university also produces stars every now and then.

The University of Missouri has an athletic program with a total of eighteen athletic teams. All of these athletic teams have been given the name of Missouri Tigers. The Tigers compete in various sports like football, baseball, basketball, track and field, cross country, soccer, softball, indoor track and field (men's team only), swimming, tennis and many more. All of these Missouri Tigers, as part of the NCAA compete in the Division I of the Big 12 Conference. Just like the biggest of cats, the varsity colors are black and MU gold. The Missouri Tigers teams, dressed like the tiger itself, prowl the defensive lines of the opposing teams, looking for holes. The stellar strategy of the Tigers has hardly ever disappointed them and for that reason Tigers are the only luck ones to win a NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision program in the state.

Some of the terrific athletes produced by the varsity's athletic programs include John Anderson, the famous high jumper. He was a successful athlete went on to become an anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter. Justin Gage of the Tennessee Titans is also an alumnus of the varsity. Ben Askren is one of the most talented wrestlers to walk out of the varsity's athletic program. The big guy has managed to win the National Wrestling Champion not once but twice. Some of the NBA stars and former Tigers are Linas Kleiza, Anthony Peeler, Kareem Rush and Doug Smith. All of these athletes play for different NBA franchises.

Other than a great basketball squad, the varsity has also lots of talented players in the other teams as well. In the recent years, the softball and soccer team has performed brilliantly and managed to win the Big 12 Conference Championship in 2009. The basketball team, of course, won the Big 12 Championship, adding to their long list of titles. Their games and those of the other Tigers are always a must watch which is why the Missouri Tigers tickets are a must have.
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