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For College football fans in America, Rose Bowl Pasadena game is a wonderful way to celebrate the New year. It is played on the New Year ’s Day and in case January 1st is a Sunday, it is played on Monday. Taking place in Pasadena, California since 1923 and previously at the Tournament Park since 1902 with the title Tournament East West Football game, the Rose Bowl is the oldest college football Bowl game event. Owing to this fact, it has been nicknamed as The Grand Daddy of them all. The event is a part of America’s New Year celebrations, called the Tournament of Roses.

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Among all the college football bowl games, this event is privileged with the highest attendance since 1945. The Rose Bowl Stadium was built for the 1923 onwards games when the officials realized that the old Tournament Park stadium had became insufficient for the increasing number of fans each year. The game is typically played in the afternoon ever since it’s beginning, only except in 2002 and 2006 when it was a part of the BCS National Championship Game. The game is played between the Pacific 10 and the Big Ten conference representatives, unless they are involved in the National Championship game. Each conference selects its representatives by its own rules. Player of the Game award is also given each year to the best offensive and defensive player. As a whole, this event marks one of the greatest and most awaited football bowl games of the year, and the Rose Bowl Pasadena Tickets enable you to be a part of it.

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