The sleek grace of the panther has long been marveled by all and sundry. Typically a nocturnal hunter, the panther makes up for his lack of brute strength through his unique agility. The Pittsburgh Panthers seemed to have adopted the contained ferociousness of their animal kingdom counterparts and make its display whilst competing as the athletic teams of the University of Pittsburgh.

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The Pittsburgh Panthers constitute 17 varsity teams of the respective university, entailing nine for men and ten for women. The Panthers first unsheathed their claws in baseball back in 1869, with full grown cats having made it to All-Americans and Major League Baseball. Football and basketball bounced in 1890 and 1905 respectively and soon catapulted the black cats to nationwide acclaim. You can now catch these star teams live at Pittsburgh Panthers Tampa games.
The Pittsburgh Panthers’ baseball team is a force to be reckoned with in the Big East Tournament Championship, having being crowned the top dogs in 1995 and garnering a top-25 ranking in the 2010 season. The basketball team has frequented the NCCA tournament more than a dozen times, making it to the Final four and the Elite Eight once and four times respectively. Be there at the next Pittsburgh Panthers Tampa showdown to cheer the team to its first victory.

However, it’s the football team that unleashes the full force of the Pittsburgh Panthers, having clinched the National Championship 9 times and being titled the All-Consensus Americans a whopping 49 times.

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