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Would you like to know what happens when some of the best football players from across the country meet in a long awaited bowl game? Are you someone who enjoys the thrill that comes with the touchdown by some of the greatest players of college football? If your answer is yes, then the upcoming Pinstripe bowl is your thing! In the United States NCAA football bowl games are basically the matches between the college football teams after the season is over. The popularity football enjoys among all other sports is quite noticeable. As a result of which these bowl games have gained equal popularity among the masses and are compared to the major American Football events and matches. The sponsors being aware of the popularity bowl matches enjoy highlights it, by showing their eagerness to sponsor an event. College football or bowl games are full of excitement and thrill. People of all ages enjoy this spectacle. The only thing that keeps them together is their love for the game that is being played in front of them. No matter which team they support the passion is the same and is always there.

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Pinstripe Bowl

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
New Era Pinstripe Bowl Yankee Stadium Bronx Wednesday
12/27/2017 5:15 PM

About Pinstripe Bowl

Pinstripe bowl is the name given to the college football bowl event that is held in December . This year it is being sponsored by the New Era Cap Company so the event has been renamed as the New Era Pinstripe Bowl game. Starting this year, the game would be played every year at the Yankee stadium, at Bronx section of New York. Like other bowl games, the event would take place after the football season is over, so the positions of the teams would be clear already. The game would be played between the teams from the Big East Conference and the Big 12 conference. Big East Conference is the conference that includes sixteen universities located in the eastern half of the country. The Big twelve are the twelve teams the conference is playing for. In case the Big 12 conference does not have an eligible team, it would be played by the Notre Dam team. Both the conferences will have a four year contract for this annual game that would be valid till 2013 season.

The bowl was announced by the New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, the New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, the commissioners of the Big East and the Big 12 conferences John Marinatto and Dan Beebe respectively. They announced it at a press conference on September 30, 2009. In April 2010, the Pinstripe bowl was approved by the NCAA and became the 35th bowl on calendar. It will enjoy the status of being the third game to be played at a stadium that was purposefully built for baseball along with Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl St. Petersburg and Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

The teams that are going to participate in the event are extremely talented and exhibit a zeal and zest to fight till the end. The Syracuse Orange football team accepted the bowl invitation but the road to success was not easy for them. They had to win seven games in order to become eligible for playing a bowl game. On the other hand Kansas State Wildcats also accepted the invitation to play .It was after four years that the Wildcats are ready to play a bowl game and this will be their fourteenth bowl game in the history of their school. The team is talented and strong. Bill Snyder is their coach who has guided them in two bowl games before as well.

2010 can be called as the starting year of the Pinstripe bowl at Yankee Stadium. Yankee stadium may be famous for its being a venue for baseball matches but its affiliation with sports in general is quite old and deep rooted. As history tells us that the best ever game played in the stadium was between NY Giants and Baltimore Colts. It was a match of the National Football League which makes it evident that Yankee Stadium has had its share of football legends playing the most thrilling games of football inside the stadium. Pinstripe Bowl Tickets are a gateway to experience a game that would make its spectators scream and cheer at the same time. The wave of thrill and excitement will sweep you off your feet and will make you sweat long after the game is over.

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