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The Quakers name is most famously associated with the oats breakfast cereal that we all love to slurp down during the morning dash for school or work. However, as the Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton phenomenon will bear out, the Quakers are more robust than your average flaky breakfast variety ones.

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About Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton Tickets

 Deriving their name from their British counterparts of yore that sought out religious asylum in the present day Pennsylvania region, the Quakers are collectively the athletic teams of the University of Pennsylvania. They compete in the elite Ivy League and the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges of the NCAA’s Division I, depictions of which will become evident in the Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton event.
Though the founding of the University of Pennsylvania goes back to the mid-eighteenth century, sporting activities only became prominent a century later with the rowing team wetting its oars, and then later at the turn of the century, the football, baseball and rugby teams rising to prominence. Their legacy will certainly be borne out in the much anticipated Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton tourney.
The Pennsylvania Quakers basketball team has clinched 2 National Championships and been crowned the Ivy league champions 26 times. The football team has claimed 7 National titles and 15 conference ones. They have also been named the Consensus All-Americans a whopping 63 times and you can find out why by making it a point to be present at the Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton showdown.

So book your Pennsylvania Quakers Princeton tickets now to see some Princeton Tigers shiver and quake in fear of having their backs being broken by sticks and balls.