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Sat17 Oct 202003:30:AM Doak Campbell Stadium,Tallahassee,FLFlorida State Seminoles vs. North Carolina Tar Heels
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There can be no denying the fact that sports play a vital role in character building of an individual. Across the country some of the best talents are identified from a very early stage when they perform for their college varsity teams. With one of the best athletes in the country, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in addition to being one of the oldest in the country as an Ivy League school, also continues to produce athletes of the highest quality. This is your chance to watch these budding superstars of the future as they show their excellence on the field for their famous alma mater. Buy North Carolina Tar Heels tickets for a chance to watch some of the best sportsmen in the country in their element.

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The Tar Heels compete in over 27 disciplines of the NCAA Division I. Such has been their dominance over the years that the ‘Heels’ have stood champions 40 times. What makes their success in the NCAA even more impressive is the fact that they have not restricted their dominance to just one field but have managed this amazing record in seven categories of sports. Through the course of this jaw-dropping achievement, 51 of Tar Heels’ finest athletes have gone on to make a name not only for themselves but also their university by bagging individual top honors. So hurry up and become a Tar Heel supporter to cheer for your athletes in blue and white. Buy North Carolina Tar Heels tickets to be able to attend all the exciting matches as they take on their various opponents in the NCAA division I.


The unique name of the program is derived from North Carolina’s nickname ‘Tar Heeled State’. Just as every varsity has a mascot, so do the Tar Heels. Every sporting event of theirs is fun because of the presence of the Bighorn Ram called Rameses. In most of the sporting occasions, Rameses is depicted in the form of a Dorset sheep. But what sets it apart and unique is the fact that the horns of the sheep are painted in the blue color of the Tar Heels. There are other occasions too where Rameses is played by a member of the cheerleading squad. One of the more popular stories behind the adoption of this mascot goes back to their legendary fullback Jack Merritt who was feared as the ‘battering ram’ by his opponents. On the advice of the head cheerleader Vic Huggins, a ram was bought for the measly price of $24 that was given to Charles T. Woollen, the business manager of the athletics department at that time. Rameses made its debut in a game against the team from the Virginia Military Institute on November the 8th, 1924.


This is your chance to watch this legendary mascot and to sing and chant the Tar Heels’ fight song with the fans of this famous institution. One of the most iconic fight song of North Carolina is ‘I’m a Tar Heel Born’. Another recent addition to the fight song has been ‘Here Comes Carolina’ which is usually sung when the Tar Heels make their entrance.


Over the years, North Carolina has proved to be the bedrock of American sports, producing some of the most iconic names in each sport. Past luminaries include women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm and track and field gold medalist Marion Jones. But the one name that alone would have made North Carolina legendary is that of one of the most recognizable sports celebrities as well as arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. Now you too can sit in the hallowed seats of the Dean E. Smith Centre and watch the North Carolina basketball team take on its opponents as they try to maintain the high standards set by their illustrious alumni. Buy North Carolina Tar Heels tickets for an unforgettable experience.


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