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The NCAA Frozen Four is going to be a spectacular event that is part of the NCAA men’s ice hockey events. It is one of the most popular events in college ice hockey in the US, with many buying NCAA Frozen Four - Session 1 tickets for it each year. The Session 1 leads up to the NCAA men’s ice hockey championship that results in one team being crowned the top men’s ice hockey team. This includes the semi–finals and leads up to the finals and its name is inspired by the Final Four of the NCAA men’s Division I basketball championship.

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About NCAA Frozen Four Session 1

The NCAA Frozen Four began back in 1948 when the NCAA Men’s Division I Ice Hockey Championship was started, in the first ever ice hockey tournament. It features sixteen teams from the five Division I conferences in the US. Four regionals of four teams each are then held, with the winners of the Division I conference championships qualifying for a place in the NCAA Championship, leading up to matches in the regionals.
It also has a women’s version, labeled the Women’s Frozen Four, which was started in 2000 and has been held each year since then. A number of other events also take place during the Frozen Four weekend, during which these matches are held. These are the Hockey Humanitarian Award ceremony, the Hobey Baker Award ceremony and the Town Hall Meeting. This is a match that many pre–order cheap NCAA Frozen Four - Session 1 tickets for way before the actual game takes place.
The NCAA Frozen Four has seen many a team compete for the ultimate prize in ice hockey. The Michigan Wolverines men’s ice hockey team holds the largest number of championships, at nine, followed closely by the Denver Pioneers and the University of North Dakota with seven championships each. The Wisconsin Badgers rank fourth with six championships and three teams tie for the fifth most championships won, each having won five; the Boston College Eagles, the Boston University Terriers and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.
The Michigan Wolverines men’s ice hockey team also has the largest number of appearances, at twenty four, followed by the Boston College Eagles at twenty three. All these are teams to see live, so look around for cheap NCAA Frozen Four - Session 1 tickets and catch the exciting games live and exclusive!

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