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Missouri Tigers are 18 varsity athletic teams playing for the “University of Missouri”. Their men’s Baseball and Track & Field teams have won National Championships and have won a number of Conference championships in all sports. They facilitate men’s sports in; Baseball, Basketball, Football, Gold, Track and Field, Wrestling and Cross Country. In women’s sports they have; Tennis, Track and Field, Basketball, Gymnastics, Softball, Swimming and Soccer teams. The Tigers have contributed various notable athletes to the sports world, a very few of them being Roger Wehrli, who was inducted in “Professional Football Hall of Fame” in 2007, and NCAA Wrestling champions Max Askren and Mark Ellis.

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About Missouri Tigers vs Oklahoma State Cowboys Columbia Tickets

Oklahoma State Cowboys are 16 varsity athletic teams that play for “Oklahoma State University”. The Oklahoma State has 50 national titles, fourth most ever in the country. In National Championships, their Baseball team has won once, Basketball team twice, Cross Country thrice, Golf ten times and Wrestling team, an impressive 34 times. They have men’s Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Wrestling, Track & Field and Football teams, and women’s Track and Field, Basketball, Golf, Equestrian, Softball, Tennis, Cross Country and Soccer teams.

Both of these highly talented groups of athletic teams will confront each other live in Columbia very soon. The games are bound to be thrilling and action filled, as the high spirited youth shake the stadium. Do not miss it and grab your share of Missouri Tigers vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys tickets right now!