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With a long history of wins and athletes who are powerhouses, the athletic team of the University of Louisville is an unmatchable side. Members of the East conference since 2005, the Louisville cardinals are known for their men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, dance team and their football team has also started gaining attention. With a total of 21 varsity teams, the Louisville cardinals have become one of the most popular teams in the country. With a huge fan base that is always looking for another victory from their favorite team, the Louisville cardinals never let their fans down.

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Since 2000, the cardinals are on a winning streak. They have been the only NCAA team to have won the BCS bowl game, have an appearance in the men and women’s basketball final four, appeared 4 times on college Baseball World Series and have won 8 conference titles in 8 different sports. With the team’s continual victories, the University of Louisville merchandise sales tripled since 2001 and the team is now ranked 32nd in merchandise sales.
With the team comprising of 21 men’s and women’s team and playing sports ranging from basketball, baseball and football to volleyball, golf and tennis, this powerhouse team has become the favorite team of sports lovers across the country. With the season starting off, the Louisville cardinals are back with more passion to win and to defeat their opponent and this time they are playing in their home ground in Louisville. So all you sports fans, gear up to experience the excitement. Buy your Louisville cardinals Louisville tickets right now!

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