Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves Tickets

The upcoming Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves games is the most talked about thing in the world of collegiate basketball. The two top level teams will be competing very hard for victory, as both sides want to establish themselves at the top of the pack early on in the season. For the Kent State Golden Flashes, this game – and even tournament – seems like a piece of cake, for they have claimed the regular season title two times already. But with a new albeit experienced head coach, anything is possible, and the Alcorn State Braves are preparing to take advantage of this. The Golden Flashes, however, have sailed to victory in their last games. The Braves have also won their last game, which makes the upcoming match even more exciting. Players on both sides will be putting in every ounce of energy they have for victory. Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves tickets are selling fast, so make sure to get yours before they run out!

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About Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves

One of the oldest and best established teams in the NCAA Division I, the Kent State Golden Flashes represent Kent State University. They have had an impressive run so far, with 24-10 record in the 2009-10 season and a 25-12 record in the 2010-11 season. In both instances, the Golden Flashes clinched the regular season title, becoming the first team to do so in 21 years, and earning immense respect among collegiate athletic teams along the way. The East Division Predicted Order of Finish puts Kent State at the number one spot, testifying to the player’s skill and their coaches’ dedication. Current Head coach Rob Senderoff is assisted by Bobby Steinburg, Eric Haut and Jordan Mincy. The leading players on the squad include Bryson pope, Mark Henniger, Carlton Guyton, Justin Brunswick and Brian Frank. This season, a number of promising young players including Devareux Manley and Kris Brewer are also joining the team.

The Alcorn State Braves have grabbed headlines in college athletics recently due to the high level of teamwork and coordination between players as well as their strong style of attack. In the first game of the season, the Braves proved their worth by defeating Blue Mountain College 76-39. The team is currently coached by seasoned basketball player, Luther Riley. Riley has worked immensely hard with the team, teaching the players new techniques and various formations in order to outmaneuver their opponents. The Braves squad currently includes Marquis Baker, Ian Francis, Kendrick McDonald and Jarvis Moore. The team’s defense is being bolstered by freshmen JaMichael Hawkins and Tyson Tufono.

What remains to be seen in this exciting match is whether the Braves are able to beat the odds and take down a seemingly undefeatable team, or the Flashes roll past them and maintain their spotless record. All in all, the Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves promises some intense action, the likes of which you won’t see in a long time. So what are you waiting for? Get your Kent State Golden Flashes vs Alcorn State Braves tickets today!
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