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Throughout the ages, faith has driven people to commit countless acts that would be deemed insane by today’s socially acceptable standards. Other than religion, faith in any ideology or system has the power to obfuscate societal and natural harmony. Nonetheless, crusaders have gone down in history as one of the examples of en masse fanaticism. The Holy Cross Crusaders on the other hand, though not drawing a direct link with their eponymous antecedents, attempt to obliterate their foes on the battlefields of sports such as football, lacrosse, basketball and ice hockey. Mark your attendance at the upcoming Holy Cross Crusaders Hartford games.

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Waging their sporting war collectively as the athletic teams of the College of the Holy Cross, the Holy Cross Crusaders compete in the Patriot League, the Atlantic Hockey Association and the Big South Conference of the NCCA Division I. The 25 varsity teams constitute twelve for men and thirteen for women.

Budding Holy Cross Crusaders earn their purple colors through the facilitation of programs such as the Holy Cross Leadership Academy that adopts a two-pronged approach towards their development. The Emerging Leaders one attempts to generate “leaders by example”, whilst the Veteran Leaders design incorporates advanced leadership and training in current and future leaders.

The Holy Cross Crusaders baseball team is one of the few in its region to have clinched the College World Series, with the basketball one earning their NCCA tournament title back in 1947. The football team bears down on its victims in the Fitton Field and has become Conference champions six times.

So get your Holy Cross Crusaders Hartford tickets now to see them cut the feathers off some Hawks.