BCS National Championship Game Alabama Crimson Tide Tickets

BCS National Championship game is just around the corner and people are waiting to get their hands on the tickets to watch the biggest game in the world of college football. Be a witness to every highlight play live with BCS National Championship tickets and watch the country’s best teams battling it out under the bright lights. Get your seats booked right away for the most exciting college football competition ever and you are in store for a game full of energy and passion.

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About BCS National Championship Game Alabama Crimson Tide

The first BCS National Championship game to be ever played was in 1998 at the conclusion of college football season. Known for its exciting football competitions, BCS is perhaps the one and only game that has got this much acclaim. Bowl Championship Series (BCS) creates 5 bowl match-ups of college football involving the top ten teams to fall in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The two leading teams from this five-game showcase get an opportunity to play in the BCS National Championship. BCS is designed to ensure competitive matchups among the top-rated teams. The five bowl games included in BCS are Discover Orange Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl by VISIO, Allstate BCS National Championship game and Allstate Sugar Bowl.
Many might take BCS to be an entity which it isn’t. Instead, it is an event which is managed by the University of Notre Dame and 11 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision conferences; Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, , Big East, Big 12, Mid-American, Conference USA, Mountain West, Pac-12, Sun Belt, Southeastern and Western Athletic. To determine the relative team rankings, BCS relies on computer selection methods and a combination of polls. The same procedure is followed in narrowing the field of BCS National Championship Game for the two topping teams in the 5 bowl games. Bound by their signed contracts, each conference and American Football Coaches Association are required to vote for the winner of the game and to recognize the winner as the only official Champion.
Created to put an end to the split championships, BCS has sometimes failed, for instance in 2003 NCAA Division I-A Football Season, due to fierce competition among the selected teams. However, BCS has been undeniably successful in accomplishing its overall objectives; to place the top two teams together. These teams have battled it out 14 times in the BCS National Championship game. The approaching championship game season has worked the college football fans to frenzy. Every year the number of these crazy fans seems to increase owing to the thrill and craze that marks these games and catches the attention of many.
In the history of college football, BCS is one of the most successful events. The 2013 BCS Games Series has kicked off already. So, make sure you make it to the stadium to watch these thrilling games. Get cheap BCS National Championship tickets to not let this chance go waste to watch the two best college football teams as they enter the field to compete for the championship.

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