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Colleges and universities arrange sports activities to ensure healthy brought up of its students, but these teams at times excel so much in these sports and athletics that they are no less than professional sportsmen. An example of such excellent sporting teams is Austin College Kangaroos.

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About Austin College Kangaroos

Austin College Kangaroos is the name given to the athletic teams that represent Austin College, Sherman, Texas, one of the premiere educational institutes in the area. The college is a liberal arts college operating under private ownership, and has a covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church of the United States. The location of the college is about a 100 km north of Dallas.
Athletic program of Austin College, the Austin College Kangaroos is a member of Division III of National Collegiate Athletic Association. The college has recently joined NCAA before which it was a part of NAIA in Division II. An interesting fact about the athletes that play under the name of Austin College Kangaroos is that they are not given any athletic scholarship, and therefore they can be said to be scholar athletes in true sense of the term. They took up the name Kangaroos in 1914 – 1915 and it was a derivation from kangaroo courts that were formed by organized students of the college to maintain discipline in the college.
Many teams play under the Austin College Kangaroos program, including men’s and women’s soccer, football, volleyball, diving and swimming, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball and tennis. The latest addition to this list is softball whose program has started about 5 years ago. The college holds a comprehensive athletic program with over 225 participants every year. The most prominent members of the athletic program are acknowledged by the management with rolls of honor and other awards and certificates. An estimate of such awards and nominations can be made with the fact that 61 students were given all – conference academic honors and 28 with all – conference athletic honors in year 2004 – 2005.
The college is also a member of Texas Conference, Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association and American Southwest Conference. Recently, the college has also joined Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference in 2006. This has been done by replacement of Rose – Hulman Institute of Technology from the conference.

One of the most prominent programs of Austin College Kangaroos is its football program that started in 1896. The program has always been very prestigious throughout its history, with Red Shirts Pride as their motto especially for their defense players. There have been many significant moments in history when the Kangaroos have proved their pride and high standards of game play, making their alma mater proud.
For all sporting fans, Austin College Kangaroos tickets promise an ultimate sporting entertainment and an unparalleled excitement that they would not forget for a long time!

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