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Nineteen varsity teams from the University of Arkansas combine to form the Arkansas Razorbacks aka the Hogs. They are members of the Southern Conference and represent their university in Division I of NCAA. The Hogs earned their name in 1909 when the coach Bezdek said the famous words that his boys played like a wild band of razorback hogs. In 1964, the Hogs won their first National Championship in football and earned the first National title for their team. Their performance in football has not been that remarkable but their record in Men’s Indoor Track, Men’s Outdoor Track and Men’s Cross-Country is envious. Grab your Arkansas Razorbacks Fyetteville Tickets and discover what makes them the razorback.

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Each of home game played by Arkansas Razorback is held under the watchful eyes of the live mascot Tusk and Boss Hog, the costume mascot, joins them for their away games. Razorbacks won their latest National Title in 2006 by winning the Men’s Indoor Track game. The basketball squad of the razorbacks, though won only once in 1994, is quite competitive and has some real wild rivalries on with other teams. The Razorbacks have major rivalries with Longhorns, Texas A & M and Wildcats. The Arkansas Lady Razorbacks are no less ambitious, they have added their share in making the Hogs strong head and hot. Be it the home field or another ground, the fans and admirers of the Hogs gather up to show their supports. Arkansas Razorbacks Fyetteville Tickets are your access passes for some heated up live action.

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