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Nature has pitted cats and dogs as mortal enemies, especially if the former are the wildcat variety and the latter the furry husky. There is just something in the feline instincts of cats that drives dogs insane and compels them to make a mad dash for any cat in sight. Hence, if one was to pit lots of charged wildcats and pumped up huskies in a close encounter, one would surely expect sparks to fly, as well as a lot of fur due to the tooth and nail action. Well, keeping animal welfare in mind, the very next best showdown that you can witness between these two entities is the Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies one. These two college football teams have been kicking and screaming for over a century in their respective habitats of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision and once ever so often come into close contact, with thunderous consequences. Secure some Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies tickets to behold them in a fight to the finish.

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Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
Washington Huskies vs. Arizona Wildcats Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion Seattle Wednesday
11/22/2017 3:30 AM
$27.00 Buy

About Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies

Spawned in 1899 within the University of Arizona, the Arizona Wildcats were known simply as "Varsity" for the first 15 years of their existence, adopting their current moniker before the advent of WWI after their being compared the fighting style of wildcats by an LA Times correspondent.  Interestingly, the motivational motto of "Bear Down" was taken on after the team's quarterback and the president of the student body succumbed to his injuries that he acquired as a result of a car wreck. Since then, the team has indeed bore down on their opponents with all their claws bared, as will be borne out at the Arizona Wildcats vs. Washington Huskies mash-up. 
When it comes to steely determination, the Washington huskies have a long history of routing their opponents on the football field and bask in the glory of their victory. With football kicking off in the university of Washington in 1889, the Washington Huskies started yapping at their rivals early in the twentieth century and posted 69 consecutive victories in just ten years from 1907-1917, setting an NCAA Division I-A record that still stands. Your cheap Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies tickets will enable you to witness all their menacing might.
The Arizona Wildcats bit and scratched their opponents to their heart's delight under the coaching of Dick Tomey, whose time with the team during the 1990s was famously characterized as the "Desert Swarm" era, taking its name from the infamous Operation Desert Storm that was carried out by the US marines in the gulf to sustain America and Great Britain's control of the oil reserves in the region. Competing in the Pacific-12 conference, they have claimed 6 titles. The Washington Huskies thumped their paws down on 15 Pacific-10 Conference titles, a trifecta of National Championships as well as pounced upon 7 Rose Bowl championships. They surely won't be barking up the wrong tree at the Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies event. So claim some Arizona Wildcats vs Washington Huskies tickets now to watch the turf fly as the two teams clash sky high.

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