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The time to determine the best team the college lacrosse is not too far away now with the NCAA Lacrosse Championships now just around the corner. The tournament will be a true test of mettle and only the best will come out on top. So if you are a sports fan then book your NCAA Lacrosse Championships all session tickets and watch one of the most amazing sporting events live and exclusive.

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The NCAA Lacrosse Championships covers all three divisions of the sport and determines the national champion at every level. The United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) used to do the honors between 1936 and 1970. During those days the team that had the best record at the end of a regular season was declared champion.
The NCAA Lacrosse Championships made their debut in 1971. Only eight teams took part in the tournament that year and it remained like that till 1986. Cornell beat Maryland by a score or twelve to six to lift the first ever NCAA Lacrosse Championships title. The field of play was then expanded to ten teams in 1986 and to twelve next year. The current format of sixteen teams was approved and went into play for the first time in the year 2003.
A total of forty two editions have of the event have been held that have seen nine teams being crowned national champions. Syracuse lead the list with ten wins out of a total of sixteen appearances they have made to the championship game. John Hopkins are in second place with nine wins out of eighteen championship games appearances. Princeton are placed third with six titles against their name.
Virginia has five, North Carolina has four, Cornell has won it thrice, Maryland twice with Duke and Loyola winning one title each. Only half a dozen unseeded sides have made it to the final over the years. Eight unseeded teams have gone all the way to the semifinals stage over the course of the event’s history. The top seeds have been able to clinch the title on seventeen occasions. John Hopkins hold the record for most appearances in the tournament. They have been a constant presence in the NCAA Lacrosse Championships since the 1972 edition.
The semifinals and the final are played in major football stadiums around the country. Thousands of fans buy NCAA Lacrosse Championships tickets to be a part of the event all the way through till the end. The last four and the championship games are played in front of packed houses which puts them on the list of the most watch sporting events of the year.
The NCAA Lacrosse Championships are set to offer fans another dose of the sport at its best. The best players in all three divisions will highlight the tournament. The main attraction will however be the Division I because that is NCAA’s top tier. Book your cheap NCAA Lacrosse Championships all session tickets and be a part of what promises to be an epic event.

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