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Beans simmering in a pot generally may not come across as something inspiring enough to make whole lot of fuss over. However, it seems that Bostonians love their beanpots so much that they went ahead and named a hockey tournament in its honor. Simply dubbed as the Beanpot Championship, it has been defining the collegiate ice hockey milieu for the past six decades. Played originally in the Boston Garden arena and then subsequently in TD Garden, its outcome dictates which of the four major college ice hockey teams – Boston University Terriers, Boston College Eagles, Harvard University Crimson or Northeastern University Huskies - has the bragging rights over the others. The 2013 clash amongst this furious foursome is promising to be another thrilling showdown so claim some Beanpot Championship tickets on the double.

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About 2013 Boston Beanpot Championship Game

The Beanpot Championship kicked off in 1952 and had its first tournament played out in Boston Arena, with Harvard’s Crimson emerging victorious. Though no matches were played in the following calendar year, the chronological order of the championship was maintained by having the next tournament and all the subsequent ones being staged in February each year. Boston Garden became the host from the second Beanpot to the 43rd one and then the championship was shifted to its current home of TD Garden in 1996. Book some cheap Beanpot Championship tickets to find out whether the reigning champions, the Boston College Eagles, are dethroned or keep ruling the roost.
The Beanpot Championship games have been dominated by Boston University and Boston College, what with the former having nabbed 85 titles and the latter having clinched victory 71 times. Harvard University’s Crimson are at a distant third with 50 wins and Northeastern’s Huskies are yipping way down at 34 titles. In fact, the Huskies were in such a sorry state of affairs in the first three decades of the championship that they were only able to win the first title in 1980, with Wayne Turner leading the charge against Harvard’s Crimson. Even then, it’s still the only team out of the quartet that has not won a single NCCA hockey championship.  
There are also awards for individual players that are given out each time the Beanpot Championship rolls around. These include the traditional “Most Valuable Player” title as well as the Eberly Award. The recipient of the latter is typically the goalkeeper that has the best goal saving percentage. The award was even named after the goalkeeper extraordinaire brotherly duo of Dan and Glen Eberly who played from Northeastern University and Boston University respectively.
The popularity of the Beanpot Championship has spawned a number of other similar tournaments, both in the form of a sister version, that of the women’s ice hockey, as well as in baseball, softball, soccer -entailing both the men’s and women’s teams - women’s rowing and last but not least, cycling. However, things still get hotter than the rest in the original Beanpot, so latch onto some Beanpot Championship tickets to be served a huge helping of sizzling slides and rocketing pucks across the ice.

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