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Bloomington Blaze tickets bring Bloomington Illinos’ minor league representatives of ice hockey in their debut season. The Bloomington Blaze is a franchise owned by Gary DelBuono and Sandra Hunnewell, It is a member of the Central Hockey League CHL and belongs to the Turner Conference. The team’s official stadium is the U.S. Cellular Coliseum. The Bloomington Blaze is a rather new entry in the CHL. It was founded in 2011 when the Bloomington Blaze became a replacement for the Bloomington Prairie Thunder. Bloomington Blaze are managed by Jim Riggs while its Head coach is Paul Gardner. Carrying the official colors of red, black and gold in their fiery blazing logo, the team is set to enter the CHL. The 2011-12 season of the team inaugurates the team’s game play. Bloomington Blaze tickets present the inaugural game show for all hockey fans

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About Bloomington Blaze

Bloomington Prairie Thunder team was a member and part of the International Hockey League. Its five years in the league spanned form 2006-2010. After United Hockey League merged with the CHL, the team played its last season. After the 2010-11 season, the team folded as dysfunctional. Although a replacement for the Bloomington’s former representative in the minor hockey league, Bloomington Blaze is a different franchise altogether. It is not a part or continuation of the Bloomington Prairie Thunder. However the team’s association with the Bloomington Prairie Thunder makes its experienced team.
Bloomington Prairie Thunder, remained a rather docile and laid back team in performance.  Their five years in the CHL boast of remarkable debut entry and brilliant inaugural play. With time, the team, its game and players seemed to lose focus and steam. Many players entered and exited the team without interest. Coaching also troubled as experienced coaches went to other franchises. Since then numerous changes in the game training, technique, strategy and team play contributed to consecutive game losses. Each season suffered due to inconsistent line-up and game play, hence the team weakened, losing its charm.
The Bloomington Prairie Thunder in the fifth season moved up a tier in the regular seasonal wins. It earned playoffs at the fold of the 2010-2011 season. A lucky charm on face value proved a curse in disguise when the U.S. Cellular Coliseum’s management and the franchise owners collided. Both weren’t able to negotiate the renewal terms of the lease. The management meant calling for a vigorous replacement that could play and represent the city in the league.
Apparently the newest entry in the CHL, Bloomington Blaze already boasts of fans and following. This new franchise is a fairly active member of the CHL as well as supporter of ice hockey in Bloomingdale. Bloomington Blaze tickets will bring ice hockey back to the city, this fall. Ready for showdown at the Cellular Coliseum in downtown Bloomington, the team is already busy attracting fans to win discounted tickets. Cheap Bloomington Blaze tickets offer a spectacular and promising debut game by the Bloomington Blaze. Cheap Bloomington Blaze tickets will allow fans to enjoy a great anticipated game of ice hockey and yes….Free food!

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