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The Montreal Alouettes or as the Als are one of the most popular professional Canadian football teams. They hail from Montreal and are a part of the East Division of the CFL. The Alouettes call the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium their home ground where they play all their home games apart from home playoff.

About Montreal Alouettes


Originally known as the Baltimore Stallions, the Alouettes were formed in relocated from Baltimore to Montreal in 1996. The next four years the team overhauled itself by acquiring new members and by doing extensive training. Under this name the team emerged as one of the best in the CFL. In the 2000’s, Jim Popp as the General Manager took the team to new heights. He created a very strongly knit team that was exceptionally skilled and talented. It boasted of players like the famous Als quarterback, Anthony Calvillo. He is known to have given the team an exceptional winning graph and still holds the team in great shape.


As the top notch and the most successful team in CF between 2000–2010, the Als’ performance profile had a record of 168-88-1 with a winning percentage of .656. For eight regular seasons the team finished at the first place. The Alouttes have showcased outstanding performances at their Grey Cup appearances. During the 2000s the team won a total of three out of which were two consecutive wins.


The team is still one of the strongest contenders in the league and has a brilliant and well synchronized game play. The Alouettes are known to have longest active playoff streak which means very high chancescto win in every season. This streak is actually the second longest one of all time with the Als have qualified for playoffs 17 times consecutively in regular season appearances.


Montreal Alouettes are returning to the 2013 season all geared up to take their 8th Grey Cup championship trophy back home. This season is the team’s 47th in the league and an overall 59th. The Als are in special form and have drafted a lineup that is sure going to deliver some great football.


Although the team has started off the season with two points. They have played three games and have won one against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They have lost two games lost and stands at number four which is the last position in the league due to a low PA and PF. However, there are more games scheduled for the rest of the season where the team will surely strike back. They will once again prove themselves as the best of the best in their league.


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