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The Grey Cup refers to the Canadian Football League championship game as well as the trophy given to the winning team. It is counted among the biggest annual sporting events in Canada that is contested between winners of CFL’s West and East Divisional playoffs. Each year, a different host city is chosen that has to organize the many activities that are part of the Grey Cup festival including parties, galas, concerts and other festivals held before the main game. During this time, the CFL awards its yearly honors alongside which the Cup’s parade is held. Toronto, Vancouver, Sarnia, Kingston, Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and Hamilton, are among the host cities.

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Grey Cup Team Party Pass is perfect for fans who want to attend the various activities offered by the festival, and since the event is considered to be the most important by Canadians, Grey Cup Team Party Pass tickets become all the hype as soon as they hit the market. The trophy came to be commissioned by Canada’s Governor General Earl Grey, in 1909, when its owner originally aimed at donating it to the senior amateur hockey championship of the country. Following the donation of the Allan Cup, for the same purpose, Grey made his trophy available to Canadian football for national championship. The trophy is famous for its silver chalice that is attached to its large base that is engraved with the names of the various winning teams, executives and players.
The Cup was won for the first time by Varsity Blues of University of Toronto. The game was discontinued between 1916 and 1918 owing to the World War and did not take place till 1920, since which time it has been played in a west versus east format. Traditionally, it has been held at the end of November, on a Sunday, and has been played in unfavorable weather as well. These games include the ‘Mud Bowl’ of 1950 when players were close to almost drowning in a puddle; the ‘Fog Bowl’ of 1962, in which the last nine minutes were postponed to the next day because of heavy fog; and of course the ‘Ice Bowl’ of 1977, when the game was carried out in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on a frozen-over artificial turf.
In 2012, the game was played in Toronto, marking its hundredth anniversary. So far, the Toronto Argonauts have won the most number of games with sixteen championships, while it is the Edmonton Eskimos who claimed the longest dynasty having won five back-to-back championships through 1978 to 1982. Other winning teams include Calgary Stampeders, BC Lions, Montreal Alouttes, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders. Individually, the cup has been won by Jack Wedley, Hank Ilesic and Bill Stevenson. Grey Cup Team 3 Day Pass is a must-have if you want to attend the various musical performances, parade, and halftime show, so hurry on and grab some Grey Cup Team Party Pass 3 Day Pass before they are all hogged.

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