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One of the most anticipated sports events of the year is the annual Grey Cup – the championship event of the Canadian Football League, or CFL. The event is Canada’s largest annual sports event and is followed by more than five million TV viewers. The 2015 CFL Grey Cup will see two of Canadian Football’s top teams going against each other at the recently renovated BC Place stadium, home of the BC Lions Football club. This year’s Grey Cup theme, ‘Raise the Roof’ will include several entertainment events including live music performances. Additionally, the Grey Cup festival will also include the 47th Vanier Cup, which is guaranteed to add some extra action and excitement to the event. CFL Grey Cup tickets are available at great prices here – fans are already lining up to buy as many tickets as they can, so hurry up and get your cheap CFL Grey Cup tickets before they run out!

About Cfl Grey Cup

The Grey Cup was first awarded in 1909, when then Governor General of Canada, Earl Grey awarded It to a top level amateur rugby football team. Over the years, as the sport evolved and reached the professional standards associated with football, the cup became property of the Canadian Football League. In 1965, amateur teams began to compete for the Vanier Cup and the Grey Cup was thereafter limited to professional football teams. In addition to serving as the largest sporting event of the year in Canada, the Grey Cup has, since its inception, acted as a sort of festival with weeks of entertainment shows and carnival-like events leading to the big game. The Grey Cup has grown from a sporting event to become a Canadian tradition, and attracts visitors from around the world, including the United States.

The Canadian Football League’s motto ‘This is Our League’ is especially true when it comes to the Grey Cup - this unique Canadian tradition is prepared for months in advance, and the organizers go to great lengths in order to ensure that fans have an enjoyable experience. Media coverage is another important aspect of the event, with record numbers of viewers tuning in to the watch the much anticipated final game. In addition to all the festivities, the Grey Cup championship game will be made even more special this time around as the BC Lions defend their title at their home field. The team currently has six titles to its name, and is working extra hard to get the seventh one.

All in all, the Grey Cup combines thrilling sports action with amazing entertainment and festivities and must not be missed. The celebration of sport and culture will be made even more exciting as the country’s top teams battle it out for the Vanier Cup. Whether you are a serious football fan or just want to get in on all the excitement and fun, this event must not be missed. 2015 Grey Cup tickets are selling by the dozen - these tickets wont last forever, so hurry up! While you are at it, how about getting some for your family and friends! Check out our great deals on CFL Grey Cup tickets and get yours today!


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