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Gear up for the ultimate UFC experience with the UFC Live this season! It is definitely getting more sensational by the minute as the top ranked fighters meet to battle for supremacy!

UFC Live is an event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). UFC first surfaced in 1993 and was based on the Brazilian sports, vale tudo and a 648 BC Olympic tournament known as Pankration. The main aim of the UFC fights is to identify the most effective method of Martial Arts that could be used in a real fight. Top fighters from around the world are invited to take part in the UFC tournaments. The tournaments consist of seven divisions based on weight of the fighters.

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UFC Live

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
UFC 217: Michael Bisping vs. Georges St. Pierre Madison Square Garden New York Saturday
11/4/2017 3:30 AM
UFC Fight Night: Dustin Poirier vs. Anthony Pettis Constant Convocation Center Norfolk Saturday
11/11/2017 3:30 AM
UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Finale Park Theater - Monte Carlo Las Vegas Friday
12/1/2017 3:30 AM
UFC 218: Max Holloway vs. Frankie Edgar Little Caesars Arena Detroit Saturday
12/2/2017 6:15 PM
UFC Fight Night: Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael Dos Anjos Bell MTS Place Winnipeg Saturday
12/16/2017 3:30 AM

About UFC Live

In UFC Live, the fighting takes place between two top fighters of the world to determine which of the fighters is more skilled and sharper than the others. The style of fighting is a very unique one. It is called Mixed Martial Arts. As the name suggests, the fighters use various techniques inspired by various sports like wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate, Muay Thai and boxing. In fact each fighter involved in these fights is well-versed in one of these genres. Moreover, Mixed Martial Arts implies minimum of rules governing the sports. Initially there were no rules in the game which resulted in a lot of controversy. State Athletic Commission imposed sanctions on UFC causing the company to form a list of rules called the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

The popularity of UFC has grown over the years. It has found many new markets in not only the USA but in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and UK along with other parts of Europe, Asia and Middle East. This makes a total of 130 countries where UFC fights are loved by the people. The fights are aired in 20 languages and the main channels which cover them are Versus, The Fox Network and Spike in the USA, and ESPN in Ireland and the UK. The coverage of UFC Live is done mainly by Versus and in Canada by Roger Sportsnets.

UFC Live is a relatively new addition to the list of UFC events as its first fight took place in March 2010. The evidence of its immense popularity can be judged by the number of its estimated viewers for its very first show which were 1,240,000. The competition was between Vera and Jones. From then on, a number of fights which have taken place have been great crowd pullers.

The upcoming UFC Live fight includes Cruz against Johnson in the Bantam weight category. Cruz is the current Champion of the UFC in the said category and Johnson is presently ranked No.5. It is going to be a title fight among these giants of UFC. Bouts of intense competition like these make the sports even more exciting. It is as close to being natural as a sports governed by rules can get. This is why UFC Live tickets are so in demand. Buy yours to enjoy man’s instincts take the form of a creative sport!

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