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Shane Mosley Tickets


Very few sports have the elegance and energy that is characteristic of professional boxing, and when it comes to boxing, Shane Mosley is considered undoubtedly the best!

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About Shane Mosley


Pomona, California based professional boxer Shane Donte Mosley was born on September 7, 1971. Nicknamed as Sugar Shane, this American boxer stepped into the world of professional boxing in 1993. Jin Mosley who is his ex wife is a Korean American. They have three children Taiseki Justin, Najee Jamarr and Mee-Yon Jinae. Mosley has been participating in other social activities along with boxing. In 2010 he signed with PETA in order to launch a protest against dog fighting. He also took an active part in his protest against the seal fur trade in Canada.


Shane became IBF lightweight champion in 2000, after an impressive record of winning nine titles. In order to win Welterweight title he fought against Oscar De La Hoya and moved up to two divisions. They faced each other on 17th June 2000 and after twelve rounds Mosley won the match with a wide margin. Shane Mosley has fought against many renowned and extremely talented boxers. He met Vernon Forrest I & II in an attempt to defend his Welterweight title. But unfortunately Mosley lost. But this did not lessen his popularity or enthusiasm. His fans trusted him and above all he trusted himself and his passion for boxing could not let him down!


Shane Mosley decided to even the scores and there was nothing that could come in his way. He fought against former IBF world Light Middleweight champion Raúl Márquez but the match ended in a draw as Mosley accidentally head butted Raul, which caused extensive bleeding, as a result of two very bad cuts just above his eyes. Both Mosley and De La Hoya fought for WBC and WBA Light Middleweight belts. Though the match was very close but Mosley won, thereby asserting himself as one of the best boxers of the world. This victory included him in an exclusive and very prestigious group of world boxing champions. On 17th September, he faced an undefeated boxer Jose Luis Cruz and won by ten-round decision. Furthermore he went into a match with Fernando Vargas on 25th February, 2006 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Mosley was taking a lead when the match was stopped and a rematch was announced, due to massive swelling on his competitor’s eye. They had a rematch on 15th July, 2006 that Mosley dominated  till the end. On 11th February, 2007 he was able to beat Luis Collazo by a unanimous decision. This victory was responsible for giving him the WBC interim Welterweight title.



On 27th November 2007 Shane Mosley fought Miguel Cotto who was a former undefeated WBA welterweight Champion at Madison Square Garden. Though Mosley lost the match but the talent he exhibited in the match won him the acclamation, of his fans coming from all parts of the world. Mosley was ahead of Ricardo Mayorga in the junior middleweight bout and this ended in his victory by a unanimous decision.


Shane Mosley Tickets provide you with an opportunity to witness a legend performing at his best and giving its fans the excitement that they have been wishing for.






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