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The Puerto Rican professional boxer Miguel Ángel Cotto Vázquez was born in 1980. Cotto has a background in boxing and some of his family members are into boxing as well. These related figures include Miguel Cotto Sr.-his father, José Miguel Cotto - his brother, boxing trainer Evangelista Cotto – his uncle and Abner Cotto - his second cousin. Besides being a professional boxer, Cotto also runs a boxing promotion company by the name "Promociónes Miguel Cotto". The organization major function is to arrange fight cards in Puerto Rico. Cotto is also the founding member of the nonprofit organization called "El Ángel". This organization encourages physical activity as well as promotes measures to curb infant obesity. He has a net worth of fifteen million dollars.

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During early years, Cotto represented Puerto Rico in light welterweight and lightweight divisions as an amateur. He has participated in numerous international events such as the 2000 Summer Olympics and 1999 Pan American Games. Cotto won the silver medal in the 1998 Junior World Championship. This champion is scheduled for a match at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ this summer. Miguel Cotto tickets are selling for a match against Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez hosted at the Madison Square Garden. This isn’t some overhyped match staged for effect but instead it presents supreme physical specimens trying to beat one another in a combat of skill, strength and strategy. The Garden ring will give you plenty of reasons to come and get to the stands so that you can enjoy a great sporting event.


Year 2001 marked the beginning of Cotto’s professional career. The same year he endured a serious injury to the extent that 2001 could have been the beginning as well as the end of his dream career. Born a fighter, he recovered and was game again. In 2003, Cotto enjoyed a victory over Demetrio Ceballos in Las Vegas. With the strategy of using numerous combinations such as southpaw stances and orthodox, Cotto wounded Ceballos with quite a lot of injuries in round six. In round seven, with an aggressive approach, Cotto won the match and gained number one ranking by the World Boxing Association. In the fall of 2004 at the ‘WBO junior welterweight championship’, Kelson Pinto was beaten by Cotto. This was not the only time when Cotto won the title. In fact he has been successful in defending the title for a total of six times. Cotto moved on to the welterweight division later on. He ascended with a bang, defeating Carlos Quintana at his very first match on this division which he played for the ‘vacant WBA welterweight championship’. He has been successful in defending the title back to back for another four matches played against Zab Judah, Alfonso Gómez, Oktay Urkal and Shane Mosley.


In 2010, Cotto defeated Yuri Foreman at his first fight at the light middleweight division for the ‘WBA super welterweight championship’. Using his signature left hook to the body, Cotto knocked Foreman down in the ninth round. This title was his fourth win in all of the three different weight divisions. In 2011, retaining his ‘WBA Light Middleweight title’, Cotto knocked down Ricardo Mayorga in the twelfth round. The same year he beat Antonio Margarito as well by giving him injuries so severe that the fight was stopped given Antonio’s swollen shut eye. In 2012, Miguel Cotto was in a faceoff with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. After a series of rough rounds Cotto lost to Mayweather but earned his respect. At the end of the match, Mayweather complimented Cotto, "You are a hell of a champion — the toughest guy I fought". This summer, Cotto will be facing Sergio Martinez for his first fight in the middleweight division at the Madison Square Garden. Martinez is a ‘WBC Middleweight champion’ and ranks at number five on the ‘Ring Magazine pound for pound’ list. Get Miguel Cotto tickets and watch these world-class athletes grapple for superiority.


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