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Rags to riches stories can be highly uplifting. Even in the fictitious world of today’s entertainment industry, audiences may flock to movie theaters to just believe, for an hour or two of their lives, that destiny could change so drastically for a person. The realm of professional sports does not need to look any further than one of its leading performers to catch that inspiration. At the age of 14, when Manny Pacquiao ran away from his impoverished home concerned over the burden on his mother to provide for her six children, he had no inkling that he would soon establish a stellar career that will see him billed as arguably the most dominant boxer of all time. To be able to win a world title in any division is considered the pinnacle of one’s sporting career. The bar just seems to have been raised higher by "the Pacman", with no less than an astounding world record eight different division titles. The southpaw’s lightning-quick aggressive style & immaculate defense has been key in selling millions of Manny Pacquiao tickets worldwide. Philippines-born Pacquiao has also distinguished himself with humanitarian efforts, & currently holds a seat in Philippines 15th Congress, representing Sarangani province. Through his boxing exploits, charming media persona & tiresome efforts to uplift his country’s image, Pacquiao has redefined the word "People’s Champion", & emerged as a true ambassador of the sport.

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Great stories, however, always stem from trying circumstances. He was born as Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines in 1978. Pacquiao endured the separation of his parents in sixth grade, & after completing elementary education in General Santos City, ran away from home at the age of 14. Impoverished and roaming the streets of Manila, Pacquiao settled on a boxing career. He racked up a formidable amateur record of 60-4 while representing the national amateur team, but chose to go professional following the untimely death of a close boxing colleague. Pacquiao has since moved through the ranks with his hot streak, claiming the scalps of celebrated opponents. The slightly built southpaw has developed superior hand-speed & movement with the aid of renowned trainer Freddie Roach, & has delved into acting, making eight films since starting his career as an extra in 2000. Pacquiao also has a few albums to his name as a singer, but his most prominent non-boxing contribution to Philippines has been his political career. He started off with as a candidate of the Liberal Party in the 1st District of South Cotabato. Pacquiao then stood for a congressional seat in Sarangani province, the home of his wife Jinkee. Pacquiao displaced the ruling Chiongbian clan in a landslide victory in 2010, taking oath earlier this year.

Yet for all his varied interests, it is his boxing exploits that have made Pacquiao famous today. With a professional record of 52 wins, 3 losses & 2 draws, "the Pacman" has been an unparalleled champion in the ring. After fighting at Light Flyweight at the start of his career, Pacquiao suffered a first loss to Rustico Torrecampo in a performance that was severely handicapped due to him being forced to put weights in his gloves as a weight limit penalty. A sterling unbeaten run followed, culminating in a victory over Chatchai Sasakul for the WBC Flyweight World Title. Pacquiao moved to the super bantamweight division, building up a head of steam to win the IBF Junior Featherweight World Title. Facing Marco Barrera in a definitive Featherweight World Title Fight, Pacquiao came up trumps again. A move into Super Featherweight saw three memorable bouts against Erik Morales, & he followed up that championship with a Lightweight world championship. Pacquiao dealt crushing blows to legendary fighters Ricky Hatton & Oscar de la Hoya before completing his conquest of the three welterweight divisions with a WBC Super Welterweight Title win against Antonio Margarito in November.

Manny Pacquiao tickets have been the talk of the town in Dallas leading up to the Margarito bout, & Pacquiao did not disappoint. The world’s leading pound-for-pound fighter has toured far & wide for his bouts, fighting in various high-profile venues in US & abroad. With great coverage of their private & public lives, sportsmen have become veritable role models. And that is where Pacquiao stands peerless. It is not all about entertaining the countless Cheap Manny Pacquiao tickets holders in the ring, but even more about his overwhelming persona & sense of giving back to those who have showered their love on him.


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