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Three times “Fighter of the Year” award winner Manny Pacquiao is about to compete with the undefeated professional boxer, Timothy Bradley. Described as one of the toughest matches to take place so far, it will test the mettle of both the players as each is on a career high at the moment. If you are a fan of the sport, and the players, then it’s suggested you get Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley tickets right now, because as the event nears they will be selling out fast. Manny Pacquiao has been honored with a variety of international recognitions by the world famous organizations such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, World Boxing Council, Yahoo! Sports and HBO. Some of the titles earned by Manny so far include, “Boxer of the Decade,” “Most Exciting Athletes of All Time,” “Champion of Champions” and “Boxing’s Most Influential.”  

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About Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley on the other hand, has so far participated in 29 fights and has never lost a single one which is undoubtedly an amazing achievement. Winner of several WBC Light Welterweight Championships, Timothy Bradley is also the current WBO Light Welterweight champion. Some of the popular boxers that Timothy Bradley has defeated in the past are Joel Casamayor, Luis Albregu, Devon Alexander and Lamont Peterson. After his victory at the ‘Bradley VS Albregu’ match, Timothy Bradley openly and publicly challenged Manny Pacquiao and some other prominent boxers. Manny accepted the challenge and now the match, which all of you have been waiting for so long, is about to take place real soon.  The lucky ones have already bought their Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley tickets. What about you?
Manny Pacquiao’s boxing record reveals that out of 59 fights he has lost only three. He is referred to as “The Destroyer” as he has destroyed many careers in the ring. He is the first one to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. Many prominent websites have referred to him as the world’s best pound for pound boxer. Watching the upcoming Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley match is surely going to be a dream come true for the avid boxing lovers out there. This time the thrill is doubled especially with Timothy openly challenging Manny for a fight and ready to make history. If you want to see the battle of skills and nerves, then be there at Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley match. Make sure you buy your Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley tickets in time as considering the hype around this faceoff, tickets won’t be available for long.
Manny is clearly a more experienced boxer than Timothy Bradley, but the fact that the latter remains undefeated for the past eight years makes everyone wonder about the conclusion of the Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley match. Anything could happen in the ring. If you wish to see it all unfolding before you live, get going with your Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley tickets!

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