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Juan Manuel Marquez is a spectacular boxer who has left the world of boxing speechless and gathered millions of fans all over the world. This pound for pound boxer is an amazing three division boxer who has won a record fifty three out of which thirty nine were pure KOs. He has only had five losses in the fifty nine matches he has fought in with the remaining match being a draw. Thus, this spectacular boxer who has won numerous matches and lost on a handful is definitely someone you need to watch box live at many of the title and non-title matches he fights; you simply need some Juan Manuel Marquez tickets and that’s pretty much it.

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About Juan Manuel Marquez

This amazing boxer who has won around fifty three matches and lost only five is an incredible boxer who has won a record eight different world championship titles in not one but three different weight classes in boxing. Thus, this boxer is one of the few boxers to become a three division world champion, with eight world titles and numerous other titles in his pockets. At present, he holds not one but three different titles; the WBA title, the WBO title and The Ring Lightweight World Championship. In fact, he is currently ranked as number four all over the world when it comes to boxing, a position that he has held for many years and will continue to hold.
Juan Manuel Marquez comes from a family of boxers; his brother is none other than Rafael Marquez, a boxer who was a world champion is the Super Bantamweight and Bantamweight divisions. He has had Ignacio Beristain as his trainer, a renowned boxing trainer who also trained his brother. In fact, both brothers have been amongst the top ten in the world in pound for pound boxers, as ranked by the Ring Magazine. Juan Manuel Marquez is best known for his unique style of boxing that involves attacks that are fast and done with a special counter punching style. He uses a spectacular elusive boxing style in which he is always in motion, rotating, as well as moving around his left hand and throwing heavy overhand punches at his opponents. This amazing precision power punch boxer launches brutal uppercuts on his opponents; he is in fact one of the best combination punch boxers in the world of boxing.
He began boxing with an amazing amateur career which included two Golden Glove titles and began professional boxing at a young age of nineteen. In 1997, he won the NABO Featherweight title, a title he successful defended for a record seven times, and he was regarded as the Best Fighter Without a World Title. In 2000, he became the NABF Featherweight and the USBA Featherweight champion after defeating Daniel Jimenez and Robbie Peden. He won his first world title in 2003 when he defeated Manuel Median and became the IBF Featherweight champion. He won the WBA Featherweight championship the same year followed by defeated Orlando Salido in a spectacular match.
2006 saw Juan Manuel Marquez capture the WBO Interim Featherweight title followed by the WBC Super Featherweight championship in 2007. He then won yet another world title when he defeated Joel Casamayor to become the Ring Lightweight Champion in a match that ranked him as the number one world lightweight boxer and the number two pound for pound boxer. Thus, for a look at this world number one lightweight boxer, simply get hold of these Juan Manuel Marquez tickets and go watch a superb match.

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