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Soon to be entering the boxing ring will be the WBA Light Welterweight Champion Amir Khan and IBF Light Welterweight Champ, Zab Judah, as they take on each other in a thrilling challenge. The heat is going to be even more intense when Khan’s speed is going to counter Zab’s energetic body movements. It is this battle of power that will decide upon the boxing champion of the year!

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About Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah has all the potential to be named as the ‘Fight of The Year’. ‘King Khan’ as he is known to be, has a boxing record of 26 fights so far, of which he has won 25. His speed is the major weapon which makes him get through the toughest challenges with grace. Starting off at the age of 11, even the boxer’s amateur career was highlighted by the major wins including three ABA titles at junior level and gold at 2003 Junior Olympics. The proper nourishment of the talent took the artist places and stands him against the experienced boxer Zab Judah today.
Zab Judah has won 41 fights out of the 49 contended throughout his career. His immense experience and the great upper body movements keep him at advantage in missing the punches. He has won five ‘World Titles’ between the welterweight division and junior welterweight. At the age of 33, he has more exposure to boxing in comparison to Khan but still both rate equally in making the game a tough one to win!

The news of Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah is all over in the boxing world. The players are making statements adding further to the excitement of the game. Amir Khan has been reported making the statements such as “We have a game plan for the championship, so I know how to beat Judah and I’m already way ahead of my well thought upon schedule”.  It’s not only the players; the trainers are anticipating the event with the same enthusiasm. King Khan’s coach is of the view that while there is no denying Zab’s talent and skills but Amir has been practicing hard and has developed a great strategy. Not to be undermined, Judah’s coach has stated that its going to be a tough fight and claimed that Judah is one of the best boxers in the world, so it wouldn’t be easy beating him.
Both the boxers being well trained are ready to ignite the ring with the fire of their energy and passion to defend their titles. The championship will reveal if years of experience can defeat the youth with merely fast paced body movements or being young and quick is the key to win the game. Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah is a head on collision of the two stars and eventually its spark will ignite the champion of the game this season! Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah Tickets are already on sale! So rush off and get them before they are all sold out!
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