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One of the oldest and most popular sports in the world is boxing, that has managed to maintain its charm and attraction even in the modern days. With the passage of time, this sport has evolved and become more sophisticated, with new rules of the game set in, and younger and more talented players taking part in it. One of such new and immensely talented boxers is Adrien Broner.

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About Adrien Broner

American boxer Adrien Broner was born in 1989 and belongs to Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been categorized lately in Junior Lightweight category, and has earned great fame as a sportsman. An estimate of his popularity as well as critical acclaim can be made by the fact that he has been ranked among the top ten positions in Junior Lightweight division by the Ring Magazine.

Adrien Broner started his professional career in 2008 and made a noticeable debut with three consecutive knockout victories in his first three matches. Critics commented him to be one of the most promising new comers as he beat David Warren Huffman, Allante Davis and Ramon Flores in his initial sporting career. His fourth fight was scheduled with Terrance Jett, whom he met at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The fight was on an undercard of Paulie Malignaggi vs Ricky Hatton match, and was again settled in favor of Adrien Broner as he defeated his opponent in 6th round. His final fight in 2008 was fought against Scott Furney, where he again secured victory in first round.

In the upcoming years, more victory and glory came his way as he defeated Eric Ricker and Angel Rodriguez. His fights have been mostly one sided until now, and even the most fierce opponents felt it difficult to face him in the ring. His powerful punches smack the opponents black and blue and it is therefore that this, 5 feet 7 inches giant is a nightmare for many related to this sport. Adrien Broner is also nicknamed as The Problem, as he is notorious for creating problems for his contenders, and even the most experienced ones are in trouble once they are in the ring against him. Broner’s career has always shined with numerous KOs, and he has always made his teachers and trainers proud.

Boxers like Adrien Broner are an asset for the field of Boxing, and promise to take this sport to the next level. It is for such talented and skilled boxers that the number of fans this sport enjoys has now increased much more than ever before. Adrien Broner tickets promise all sports enthusiasts a great spectacle and a memorable evening as this champion takes on his opponent with his famous world class punches!

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