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Baseball is one of the four major sports in United States. Among Football, Basketball and Hockey, Baseball is one of the most watched and attended sports in United States. In United States, baseball is played on both college and nation level. There is college baseball, minor league and then comes the Major league Baseball (MLB). MLB is the highest and the most professional form of baseball that one can enjoy in United States. Major League Baseball started back in 1869, and since then the fan following and the overall popularity of the league has grown a lot.
At the moment, MLB comprises of thirty professional MLB teams that are further divided up into American League and National League. The merger between these two leagues took place in 2000 to form one MLB organization. Every year MLB attracts the attention of thousands of baseball fans across the nation with its series of match ups that are held through its season. MLB’s regular season kicks off with the series of preseason games or the spring training. The spring training kicks off in the mid of the February and lasts till the opening day of the regular season. After two months of spring training, MLB’s regular season sets in from the month of April and lasts till October. In the regular season, each team plays 162 games. An All Star Game is also held in approximately the mid of the regular season.

Following the conclusion of the regular season, Post season sets in, where the things really start to heat up. The post season usually starts off from the first Sunday of the month of October, and features eight shortlisted teams which late battle it out in the playoffs. Out of these eight teams, two of them come in through the wildcard berth, while the rest of the six come after topping their respective divisions. Like always, this year’s MLB season will be all that exciting. So if baseball is your cup of tea, you should grab your Professional MLB tickets as soon as possible.

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